My Weight Loss Journal (CLOSED)

11,000 Steps and Counting

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Hey yall, I had to come and share some great news, I am now up to 11,000 steps!!!

It is a bittersweet feeling because I should be dropping weight, and I am not. 

I’m about to do it. I’m about to vent!

These are the moments when you suffer from thyroid disease.. it makes it hard for a person. Yall I’m not losing at all. I’m getting frustrated because I’m really, really, really trying, but the harder I try, the outlook looks dismal.

Then you can’t tell everybody how you feel because they will first say, well, maybe you shouldn’t overeat. Perhaps you should drink water. Maybe you need to exercise more. Maybe, you should get out more because sitting around doesn’t help.

I have told people it’s my thyroid, and I have been told I use it as an excuse not to exercise.

I can’t say what I want, so I nod and agree.

As we speak, I have walked 10 miles in two days and can’t even lose a pound. Natlie is telling me it’s the muscle baby. Don’t worry, baby. I see you toning up; you look great. I should be grateful for my progress but I want the scales to move. I want to see the numbers go down!

This brings me to my next complaint. I’m SORE! How can someone who uses their legs to walk be sore from the top to the bottom? My fingertips have no reason to be sore, but here we are. Now I have to peck my way on the keyboard because my Tylenol hasn’t kicked in yet.

I’m sitting upstairs making life decisions!

  • Do I want ice in my water?
  • Am I starving enough to get that yogurt?
  • If I make it downstairs, can I make it back up without crying?
  • How long does it usually take for the Tylenol to kick in because I need to do some laundry?
  • Will I be able even to do 7000 steps today?

Yall, I am having a rough day, and I just had to come and share my bittersweet news. I started sitting up here, getting frustrated and letting memories take over, and I just got angry. Then I’m so sore I don’t even want to walk to the bedroom door, let alone down some stairs… it’s going to be one of those days.

Ok, I’m finished with my little rant. I hope at this point to just get back down to 241! Yall, I am trying. Thanks for the support so far. As always, Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.




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