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20 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas for the Family

During the Christmas holiday, the children are home for their Christmas break and usually are bored. Being a SAHM, I found some easy and inexpensive holiday ideas that were a family success throughout the years. I wanted to share these ideas with you so you can make your own holiday memories.

Ginger Bread House

This is so awesome in so many ways. You don’t have to settle just on ginger bread houses, you can build a village as well. The selection has really evolved since we started this tradition. You can have a gingerbread competition with the family or try your own artist skills alone. The kit usually has pieces of candy and icing, but I always up the ante. I buy my own candy to make it more Candyland and I use edible glitter.

Board Game Night

I love a good game of Life or Uno. Take a few hours out and make a board game night with family or friends. It will be so awesome and you can have your favorite holiday music playing in the background while you enjoy some old school board game fun.

Favorite Christmas Movie

Have a Christmas Movie Night with at least 2 movies and plenty of popcorn. I’m old school so I love Christmas Carol, II love Rudolph the Red Nose Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, The Legend of Frosty... the list goes on and on!!!


Decking The Christmas Tree

Make it a family event with everyone helping and making memories. You can talk about certain ornaments that bring you joy, tell a joke with a mishap of an old broken ornament, or just enjoy the company of having someone making it a magical experience.



Holiday Donation

Get your family together and go through your gently used clothes, toys, electronics, and personally donate them to the women and children shelters. It not only free up room in your home, you are giving to someone in need. It is a great feeling to give to someone and you have no idea just taking a few hours out to do this, will brighten someone else’s holiday. Remember it is always better to give than receive.

Drive and See Christmas Lights

During the holiday season you can fill up the tank and go for a drive around your city and some amazing Christmas Lights. Check your local listings for any events that may be happening around your area. It is usually inexpensive and will truly boost your holiday spirit.

Make Christmas Cookies

Everyone has the biggest sweet tooths during this time of year. What is better than the smell of fresh bakes cookies in your own home. The best part, the cost is inexpensive and you can make as many as you want. I know that sounds cheesy, but there are a lot of cookies in those packs and I like to add sauces and chips to mine. You can have a family bake off with the craziest, most holiday inspired, funky looking cookies you want and everyone can be the judge. Make it memorable and the best part EAT!!!



Family Slumber Party Under the Tree

Why not get cozy on the couches and fall asleep under the lights of the Christmas tree? I guarantee you will have the best sleep with nothing but gumdrops and mistletoe dancing in your head. You can’t help but feel the spirit of Christmas under your beautiful Christmas tree.



Have a Bonfire Night

This is something for people who love to get cozy by an open fire. Bring a blanket and some marshmallows. I love the way the fire dances during the winter. I love the smell of the firewood… it just makes me feel comfort. I can’t explain it. The family will have a great time roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. You can sip apple cider and tell Christmas stories. I love everything about it.


Making Homemade Hot Chocolate

I know it is easier to make it from the pack but there is something special when you make hot chocolate homemade. There are so many recipes online and I have few of my own. If you aren’t the cooking enthusiast, why not have a hot chocolate night with crazy toppings? You can have cherries, chocolate pieces, caramel, marshmallows, sprinkles, and edible glitter. Make a family tradition.


Christmas Eve Jamboree

Host a family/ friend party with a holiday dress code. Make it fancy, make it funny, but most important make it memorable. Have your favorite holiday tunes playing, a few favorite holiday recipes, and a great holiday spirit. Make your Christmas Eve a story for the record books with nothing but holiday cheer.



Christmas Pajama Party


Have your favorite people around and dress to impress in your best pajama outfit. You can use onesies, silk PJs, and if the code is assessable, you can spice it up with sexy lingerie. Listen, the holidays are about family and friendly fun. Make it memorable with the holiday spirit and your favorite drinks and recipes. Cut on your favorite movie and let the festivities begin.


Write A Letter To Santa


Regardless how old you are, Santa is Real. You never received a gift for Christmas? What about a Sincere HAPPY HOLIDAYS? Merry Christmas? That is Santa coming and  those are his elves, and he has an address for your holiday wishes. Just take a moment and write and mail your holiday desires and let the spirit of Christmas move you.

Holiday Photo

Get festive with a holiday photo shoot. You can take photos of your activities, food, and most important your family and friends. Use your own phone camera and have holiday props to make it more festive and exciting. Don’t forget to smile. You are the star!!!


Start a New Family Tradition

Sometimes you just have to make a new mark. Whether opening gifts once a night until Christmas, singing off key, or just RELAXING… DO YOU BOO… DO YOU. Make the most of this holiday season, and make it YOURS!!!! You and your family MUST have something original and yours.  Be like NIKE and JUST DO IT!!!!!

Deck The Halls

Make snowflakes out of construction paper, decorate the halls, bathroom, and home with inspired Christmas decor to get you in the holiday spirit.  This activity is kid tested and mom approved. You can spend all day making snowflakes and hang the or pin them to windows, ceilings, walls, and doors so it snows all winter. You can use green garland to decorate your foyer, Christmas table clothes for the tables and, do a Christmas scent for the aroma of Christmas. Make it a memorable event.



Send Holiday Cards to Soldiers

It’s not uncommon that there is someone fighting for YOUR COUNTRY beliefs and not at home for the holiday. You can take a few minutes and get some Christmas Cards and make a soldier’s holiday more memorable by just saying hello. Just letting them know they aren’t alone. I have a half-brother who was in the army… he fought during the Gulf War (showing my age) and I feel it means a lot to have someone show love and support. A lot of people don’t have someone to show support and this means a lot. If you can take time, just send some encouraging words to the soldiers. I guarantee you it will mean a lot. Make it a family project, a friend project, just make it special for our soldiers…. regardless of your country, it means a lot.


Front Door Decor

Decorate your front door this holiday as a present or in your favorite holiday idea. You can use a solid color, or use any wrapping paper to make your front door festive. You can even make your porch more festive with flowers, outdoor Christmas lights, and ribbon to let Santa know where to enter. Make it your masterpiece.


Christmas Stories


There is nothing better than having a good story during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if it is a memory or a story from the books, it has a magical feel that lets everyone experience the magic of Christmas. Does anyone love the story of The Nut Cracker? What do you do during your Christmas Eve? What makes you feel the Spirit of Christmas? Make this event memorable with your own spice of the holiday. Don’t forget to add some apple cider and popcorn to add to the festiveness!!!


Window Shopping with a Spending Limit

Yes., I know that usually window shopping means no money spent, but how often is this true.

Go out and enjoy the ambience of Christmas while window shopping with a limited budget. You would be surprise how going window shopping adds up. Do you get hungry? A lot of times we may window shop but still go out to eat, and that is costly. Make a budget of $20 or $30 dollars while you window shop. You will feel better when you return home and your pockets will thank you later.







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