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Southern Sticky Rice

There is nothing better than some good old white rice with gravy. I love how the rice absorbs the flavors, and I must have it with Hoppin John.

I have tried to make rice for years to no avail. It would be too firm, too soft, or sometimes in between, half-hard and half-soft.

Through my trials and tribulations I have figured out a rice hack I must share. It is a real hands-on experience.

You must massage the rice!! You take handfuls and literally massage it in your hand as if you were sifting sand on the beach. It causes all the starch to come out into the water. You would think that nothing good can from this, but boy are you wrong.

Your hands are making magic. I usually massage my rice 2 -3 times, and then add cold water and let the masterpiece begin.

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Southern Sticky Rice

This rice recipe will be your new fan favorite. It holds all the gravy and sauces inside while still giving you the full starchy flavor of white rice.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Side Dish
Servings 6


  • white rice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil or oil of your choice
  • 1 tbsp salt


  • Get the amount of rice that you willbe using and add to your pot.
  • Run cold water over the rice until water is 2 inches above the rice. Massage rice with your hand. You will notice white starch will start to come from the rice. If you see this you are doing it correctly.
  • Drain the start off of your rice and add more cold water. Repeat this process 2 -3 times to get as much rice starch out as possible.
  • Now, add cold water to the pot and make sure it is 2 inches above your rice. Add your oil and salt, make sure to stir.
  • Following the cooking time of your rice, but usually, it takes 25 minutes. Check occasionally to make sure water hasn't evaporated. If so, add a little and stir.
  • Enjoy!!
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