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6 Thoughtful Gifts for Him Under $25

Every year men around the world have to fight the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowd, finding the perfect gift for family and friends. Little do they know; it is just as hard to shop for them. Don’t worry, I have a few holiday gifts for him that are truly thoughtful and easy on the pocketbook.

Sports Memorabilia

For the sports enthusiasts, you can never go wrong with their favorite sports teams. Don’t just settle for the jersey, you will find hidden steals and deals on coffee mugs, scarves, hats, pens, and keychains.  Trust me they will love it.


Hat Gift Set with Bluetooth Headphones

This is a great gift for anyone who works or loves the outdoors. It comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth headphone, and a face mask to help keep your face warm.

Portable Phone Charger

This gift is small but big at the same time. It is a handy portable phone charger that you can take anywhere.  It is lightweight and easy to use, best part this little charger is rechargeable and you never will have a dead phone battery again.

Cigarette Rolling Machine

For the smokers, they will truly e thankful for this. It is a rolling machine for all their smoking needs. It comes with three different size options for your smoking needs, and easy to use.

Chef Apron

How do you thank the man who is the family chef? With his very own chef apron. He will be too hot to stop and this apron is easy to wear, no neck pain, and multifunctional pockets.  The length covers from neck to knee and lets you customize the size for you.

Massage Slippers

These slippers are NOT to be worn no more than 10-20 minutes a time. It is to help with the aches and pains of feet. With everything, it takes time and you will see a big difference within 2 weeks of using these. It has an adjustable strap but if you are in between a size go up to the next size for maximum comfort.

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