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Week 7: Weight Loss Hiatus

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Hey yall, I am back with my weekly check-in, but it will be different until March 15, when I go back to the doctor.

The family decided I needed to take a hiatus on everything and focus on getting my vitamins and body back in working condition! I clearly didn’t have a say, so… I mean, I do, but I have to live with these people, and as you get older, you learn to pick your battles.

  • Is it really that important to take a photo?
  • Am I really going to blow up 200 lbs just because I’m not weighing myself?
  • Is it worth the drama just to get my way?


But I decided to do something for myself… I’m going to exercise more.

Here are my weekly results.

.I know Feb. 26 is low, but I just came back from vacation, and today is really low because I’m a little under the weather. March 3, I was in my feelings about my doctor’s visit!

Next Week’s Goals
  • 7500 – 13000 steps daily
  • a gallon of water daily
  • continue on low protein/ high veggies and fruits
  • start my vitamins and baking soda
  • meditate and focus on destressing
what I have learned

Yall, this weight loss journey is more than eating healthy and exercising. This has been a real life-changing experience for me.

  • I don’t feel guilty eating food
  • I don’t feel guilty about not losing weight like other people
  • I am learning to appreciate other things about myself than just the physical
  • I have a better appreciation for the food I eat and how it works for my body.
  • I look forward to getting physical activity in my life, and I love how I feel each day.
  • I feel empowered reaching milestones I have set that were long-term goals.

Y’all, I feel better inside and out. I had never felt this good before, which is new for me. Ok, I won’t hold you up, as always. Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!


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