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Midweek Kidney Doctor Appointment – Weight Loss Check In (VENTING)

Not doing good, not doing good at all. I fussed at Natlie; I told her she was part of the conspiracy against me and my NEED to lose weight, ummmm, I didn’t even have a doctor’s appointment.

First here are my pictures:

I’m keeping up with my walking. Since last week, staying above 7500
Can I vent (I’m CUssing)

First off… I’m really trying to be a better me, inside and out, and it seems I can’t do what I need to because I feel every turn I take is fucked up.

Then I got to go to these messed up doctors’ appointments, one for my kidney, one for internal organs, and then at certain times, I have to go to a endocrinologist for my anemia.. yeah I have to get iron infusions from time to time.

My appointment

I love my nephrologist, I do love her, but… just let me tell you!

My appointment was at 11:00 am, and I got there early like I always do. Yall know I show up early everywhere I go.. anywho, I get inside, and it is only for labs… She has me set to see her in JUNE…

What about the two-week doctor’s visit? What about my workouts and weighing myself? Natlie was sitting up there smiling, saying, it’s okay, baby. You look good. I don’t care how good I look, I have people cheering me on, and I must keep yall in the loop. What about our workouts? What about us being weightlifting buddies? Hello… we suppose to lift weights together… they are messing up my paradise!

Sooooo… I went and ordered me exercise bands ahead of time.

Now, I’m going to use them. Tired of this mess.

Oh, and another thing, since I don’t see the doctor, I don’t get to weigh myself, but that’s ok. I’m going to order a measuring tape, and I’m going to measure myself. Ya’ll going to see these inches come off.

One last thing… I’m thinking of changing the name from Weight Loss Journal to The Trials and Tribulations of a Thyroid/Kidney Warrior! 

Okay, yall, I’m going to let yall go, but as always, Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles!




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