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Week Ten and Three Quarters: The Grand Finale

Hey yall, I had to take some time and think about what I wanted to say. I’m going to be blunt!!

I have to stop my weight loss journey.

My body nor I am too well at the moment. You have days like this and you have to ride the wave. My creatinine levels are still rising, and I have many side effects from my autoimmune thyroid disease. For the past few days, I have been laying low and trying to get myself back, but it takes a while for your creatinine levels to go down. Did you know 7-14 days?

I’m angry because nobody told me I couldn’t walk 6-7 miles daily. No one told me I couldn’t exercise before a specific test. No one told me I wasn’t supposed to eat protein 24 hours before another test. No one is telling me anything. I had to do my own research…

Now I’m sitting up in bed hurting, and for ten weeks…. ten whole weeks I walked, planked, and did sit-ups. I became a part vegan and put forth the most strenuous effort. Yall want to see how much weight I lost in 10 whole weeks… I weighed myself!

I gained weight.

There is no point in continuing a weight loss journey when I’m still at the loading dock. I can’t lose weight like other people, and that’s ok. I now know; I’m just built differently. I have to find a new way to get rid of these pesky pounds. When I do, I’ll let you know about that journey.

I appreciate all the support I received. You have no idea how thankful I am to have had yall in my corner.

Sending Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles.



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