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Kidney Appointment Update: Health News

Hey yall!! I have some news I want to share with you about my kidneys. As always, I brought us some goodies to share as I do my talking.

It’s a plethora of delicious food. I didn’t know what you may like so I got a little bit of everything!

You know I have been honest and told yall when I have doctor appointments. Well, here is the latest verdict.

If you remember me fussing, I told you I had a point to prove because a nurse at my nephrology center didn’t take my dizziness and lightheadedness seriously. You can read it here.

Well yall, last week I went to give my bloodwork, and something happened. I didn’t get a call back to come in and do more testing. Then I get an email telling me I no longer have protein in my urine.

Fast forward to this week. The nurse wouldn’t tell me my blood pressure at first. She just kept saying it’s excellent—no, Miss Nurse Ma’am. TELL ME! Because I have been dizzy and lightheaded! My blood pressure was 110/70.

I have the pleasure of meeting my nephrologist’s assistant; she is fantastic, I must add. She came into the room smiling and asked me what I had been doing because she had some news for me. Now, I’m sitting up there sweating. I did eat a few french fries yesterday. Did she see that somewhere?

Quick backstory: I have stage 3 kidney failure. I suffer from hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism. No sad faces!!

She sat down and started clicking on the computer, Natlie and I looked at each other. Yall I was NERVOUS. She turns around and tells me that although I am stage 3 CKD, and six months ago, my kidneys were working at 30%, as of yesterday, I’m up to 34% in kidney function. My auto-immune diseases are all stable. I no longer have to get iron infusions, my creatinine levels have reduced from 8% to 2% to 1.4% in one year, and my life expectancy rate went from 7-10 years to I’m no longer on the life expectancy list.

I told her about being lightheaded and dizzy. She told me that I will need to monitor my blood pressure at home because it may be too low. She said if it stays at 100 or lower for a week, I need to call them. Having low blood pressure is just as bad as high blood pressure. I told her I had been drinking coffee with a spoonful of sugar to combat the ailments. She said I might need to come down on my medicines and that I was on the road to success.

Do you know what that means? I will be here for a long time, and now you have to put up with me and all my weirdness. I’m so happy yall; I can’t believe it.

I have to get going but I had to give you the great news. Yall deserve to be happy with me just as much as you listen to me vent.

As always Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!





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A Hell of a Week: Venting

Hey yall, it has been a week since my last post, and boy, has it been a doozy.

I bought goodies for our chat. I had a sweet tooth!
Come on and let me hug you.

Before I do my usual vent, let me take a few minutes and see how yall been doing?

If you celebrate July 4th, did you have any special plans? Have yall been taking care of yourselves? Are yall doing okay? It’s okay, to be honest and say no! I don’t always have it together myself.

You see, I’m constantly venting. I’m sending a Big Ole Hug yall way.

Now put your seatbelt on because I’m about to take you for a ride.

First, I caught the swimmer’s ear. It started as a clogged ear, but I washed my head and could feel the water seeping into my ear. Yeap, that’s how the cookie crumbled. A few days later, I had a full-blown swimmer’s ear. Yall it was so painful.

Then as I was trying to cope with the earache from hell, I thought I caught Covid. Before you call me a hypochondriac, what are the symptoms of Covid?

  • Can’t taste

I was hitting all the signs, and my ears were clogged.

Now I’m sitting up here going down a timeline of my whereabouts, and now I’m wondering when I went to the park, was I standing in a place I shouldn’t have. Should I have not gotten gas that day? What about the grocery store? Listen, I was thinking about all my life decisions, and I was NERVOUS.

Then, Natlie and the girls were suddenly complaining of headaches and earaches. I asked them if we had Covid? They told me it had to be my allergies, NOT Covid. Well, why I can’t smell or taste anything? Why do I feel like crap? I took a Benadryl, and many of my ailments were my allergies! Yeah, I overestimated the illness.

I cried like a baby. I am not ashamed.

The earache from hell never left. It got worse. The pain went into my jaw, and I couldn’t close my mouth. I will post my Ultimate Earache Remedy,  I’m currently still using it, and I must say it works. Yall my earache took me out. I cried like a baby, and it has been rough. But I’m doing a lot better, and I’m just glad to be back to almost 100 percent.

Natlie and the girls are suffering from allergies, and I have been on mommy duty as well. If yall allergies are causing trouble, please pop a Benadryl. I’m still giving them Dandelion Root Tea and Nettle Leaf, but they also have upset stomachs. It makes me feel like it’s something in the air, water, and food. I don’t know what to do besides keeping the windows shut, keeping them cool, and keeping them hydrated. It’s working but a lousy way to spend the summer.

Oh, guess what, why are we in another HEAT WAVE!! Yall it is so hot. The temperature is 91-93, but the heat index is 101-105. If you are dealing with high temperatures, please drink water. We have to take better care of ourselves. I don’t mean to sound like a sitting hen or be a Nagging Nancy, but I care!

Okay, yall, I just wanted to stop by and give a heads up on my Hell Week. I missed yall, and I just wanted to chat for a bit, as always sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.



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Its A Special Day

Hey yall. I have been a little busy lately, but never too busy to come through with love.

I know it’s the afternoon but the saying goes better late than never.

To all the dads, fathers, and all the names in between; I don’t want to exclude anyone. I wanted to say:

Do you like the fireworks?

That’s all I wanted to say… now you can go and have an amazing day solo, with family, or friends. If you go to a cookout, think of me.

Ok yall, as always big hugs and warm smiles.


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Groceries and Gas: Venting!!!

Warning: I’m mad

Good morning and nope, this isn’t a recipe or a how-to-do anything! I’m so mad I could spit fire. People always say write a letter it’s good for you, take time and write down your feelings… I don’t know who to fuss at; venting is a suitable choice.

How am I supposed to make these recipes I found on Pinterest and Instagram, but I can barely afford the cost of tissue paper? Listen, I paid $17.25 for a pack of 24. You may say this is a good deal, but I used to pay $11-$12. Then I needed to buy a carton of eggs. Ummmm, why do eggs cost $4? So now, to go to the store, I have to figure out if I want to wipe my butt or fix an omelet? I don’t want to get into the cost of fruit and vegetables, but know it’s on my mind.

Oh, while I was out, I realized my gas tank was low, so I drove to the gas station. I should have gone HOME! I paid $80.00 for gas, and I’m trying to figure out how I left the house and, in less than 20 minutes, spent over $100 and NOT have one bit of fun, and still hungry. How? How? How do you wake up like this?

I don’t discuss politics, but all I’m saying is how we get $40 billion to help somebody else, but we broke over here. JUDGE ME. I’m trying to decide if we can make 24 rolls of tissue work for a month in my house. It’s four females in this house, and you think I don’t have my own war going on? Huh? Do you not realize shrimp is cheaper than bacon? What breakfast recipes come with shrimp? You don’t know my pain; you don’t know my stress. I’m going hard in the paint over here. The struggle is real.

Speaking of struggle, I do not like this Roe vs. Wade situation! Listen, I know I’m sexy succulent, but I’m on this healthy lifestyle kick. If I keep losing weight and lose my mommy pouch, I won’t have a defense mechanism to fight off my attackers. At least I can sit down and hope I can suffocate them or do deadweight. You can’t move me!!

P.S.A. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, I PROMISE on everything I love, I will drink milk in public every day!!! Every. Single. Day. I am lactose intolerant and will use every ounce of the side effect to my ability. Call me SILENT and DEADLY! Do Not Touch ME unless I tell you to.

Last but not least, we have a heat wave. Nope, nope, nope, I’m not here for it. I just got over my previous heat intolerance, and I don’t need any heat waves over here. Just the two words together don’t sound optimistic. HEAT WAVE, nothing good can come from this.

I’m still mad, but I’m gonna stop fussing. It is going to be too hot today to be mad. I gotta find something to cook, and everybody will be mad because I’m not cooking until after 7 pm. Who cooks in the house during a heat wave? They better drink water!!!!!! Judge me I don’t care, I’m not gonna have a heat stroke cooking! See I just made myself mad all over again!

On that note, I want to tell everyone to PLEASE stay safe and in positive spirits. It’s getting harder than ever out here; try to do the best you can.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles!





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Last Day Of School

Good morning yall! May I get a drumroll, please?

Today is the Last Day Of School! So far, Madison has passed all her exams, and Mackenzie is ready to go to the 4th. Overall, I feel like the school year was a success, and I am glad it’s over. Let us dance while listening to an epic classic. I call guitars; LET’S ROCK!

You would think the older your children get, the easier it would get to raise them; it doesn’t. I find myself adapting. Well, today, they are adapting to me. Every year I have a ritual. No school on the last day of school, and if you have to go to school, you get picked up early.

When I was younger, my friends would get picked up early, and they would be headed to their summer vacations or just leaving early, and I would beg my mom to let me stay home or get me early. Her idea of getting me early was 1:00 pm. Then one time, she came too early, she arrived at 9:00 am. Ok, we can agree I was being a little complicated. I didn’t know we were playing softball that day. Otherwise, I would have stayed.

For the record, I want to say we didn’t have cell phones in the 1990s as we do now. For those who did, they paid $14.00 a minute, the phone was as big as your arm and fit in a briefcase. 

What do yall have planned for the summer? I had been looking at different places, but covid is on the rise again. With my funky immune system, I’m probably going to keep the family close to home. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to do it and have fun doing it.

Ok yall, I had to do an end-of-school dance with yall. I know I haven’t posted any recipes lately, but I’m getting back on the good foot, promise.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles!


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Backyard Camping: Something Strange Happened

Hey yall!!! How was your Memorial Day holiday? Did you do anything fun? I hope you got to relax if you didn’t do anything else. My little staycation was a little weird.

Give me a few minutes so I can fill you in. Are you hungry? I cooked jambalaya last night and wanted to give you a taste.

I used chicken, cajun chicken sausage, shrimp, blue crab: watermelon, and semi-homemade cheddar biscuits. I used the Red Lobster boxed version.

Yall, we got the campsite and yard work done on Saturday. If you are a camper, you know it’s hard work getting the camp set up! Sunday, when the family and I got there by 10 am to get things going, I caught a heat intolerance. I had to move slower than usual, but I was still in the game. I passed out Sunday night, but Monday morning, Natlie, told me she heard walking around our tent and the girls. Madison woke up around 8 am, and she said she thought she saw a dark figure walking around and said she thought it was us… HELL NAW.

Oh, ooh, put your seatbelt on. So we have a portable toilet. I used it in the middle of the night. In the morning, it’s water all in the tent on one side. As I’m cooking breakfast, Natlie runs back and forth outside, getting my books and getting towels. Somehow and someway, there is water in the tent on the floor and the only thing stopping it from getting to us is a divider. We thought it was the toilet, but it was just water.

Monday night, halfway threw the night, the mattress deflates, so Natlie and I go into the house and finish sleeping. When we came back outside at 7 am on Tuesday, there was water on the water cooler by the electrical plugs. There is no water on the floor this time, but on the water cooler… here is the kicker, there is no water in the cooler: just some chips, a book, and some socks for my toes.

Tuesday, Madison blows up the mattress for us using the electrical cord. She is in our tent, sitting on the floor, moving the mattress around, walking around the tent; EVERYTHING IS DRY! Ten minutes later, I tell Natlie to help me get the cord so we can do karaoke. Why is there a puddle of water in our tent and the electrical cord? In the water, and the water was a puddle in the corner. Natlie starts freaking out and says the floor feels like ice, and Madison has to tell her she was just in there and nothing had happened.

Tuesday night, Natlie and I decided to sleep in the house and let the girls have our tent because it’s bigger, and we wanted the girls to have a night going out with a BANG! They sure had a night full of BANGS because they ended up in the house with us by 10:30 pm.

A spider was in there looking at them, and they felt threatened because it was blocking the door. Madison said a water bug that was anorexia was on the tent and looked like it was looking for its last meal. Mackenzie said she kept hearing water shaken around like a drink was being made WITHOUT ice, and Madison didn’t hear any of it. They both heard walking, and the fire and tiki torches all went out. Yes, you can guess it; they were freaked out.

I had a funny feeling and told Natlie to check; she was like you read my mind. The girls were so freaked out when Natlie checked on them that they made her go to the tent and unzip it and let them run out like a bat out of hell. Yes, it sounded like a stampede. They ran through the backdoor like they were being hunted.

Yes, we got into the blow-up pool. It was HOT!

Needless to say, we ended the camping trip on a good note. I just had to share this experience. It’s one for the record books.

We had to use aluminum pans to catch the ashes.

Oh, and guess what, our firepit started making holes in it. Do you think I put too much wood in it, and the heat may have melted it? So now we have to get a new firepit.

Last but not least, Madison is doing testing today. So she needs all the great vibes she can get. I dropped her off at 10:30 am, and she should be back sometime this evening. She decided to take the school bus home, and you know how that is. She gets out at 3:00 pm, but the school didn’t give a drop-off time.

Ok yall, as always, you know I have to give you a big hug and a warm smile.



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Days, Minutes, and Moments

Hey yall, how have you been? Since the last time we talked, a lot of emotions, ups, and downs, but I’m here. I finally made it to the weekend, and I can’t say anything short of the help of my family.

Do you have time to listen to me? I need a friend and someone to listen. I may not make sense, but I need to get this off my mind, body, and soul. As always, don’t judge me.

I bought coffee this time.

If you remember, last time we talked, I told you my college sweetheart passed away. I’m learning to cope, and I always thought he would be here. It’s funny because I haven’t seen or spoken to him in a few years, but I always felt him close… like a cord. I knew something was off last week, yall. I told Natlie I felt funny and like something was going to happen. I even dreamed this crazy dream. I knew SOMETHING was wrong, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then since I found out the news, I have cried a lot. Natlie has been a Hero in every sense of the word. She has TRIED to comfort me, but I don’t make it easy. I feel guilty that she has to comfort me over someone’s passing. I feel like I should have more self-composure than I do, but I cry anytime and anywhere. I have great moments, but the minutes of anguish are plenty. She never judges me, but I judge myself.

Not only that, my mom passed May 23, 2015, during Memorial Day Weekend, and we buried her on May 29, 2015. This week has been a double whammy, and I feel guilty not showing her homage. I have been grieving Luke so much I haven’t even had time to meditate and be with my mom. Does this make me a bad person? Why does my heart hurt so bad then?

Today is the funeral. I can’t go. I refuse to see him like that, and I can’t let the last image be of him in a casket. I want to cherish him the way I remember him. I won’t even visit my mother’s grave this weekend. I have tried to be an adult and put my best foot forward, but it feels like lead is in my body, and my heart burns like acid. I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

A New Direction

I decided to get my butt off my shoulders, as my mom would say, and I planned a holiday retreat with my family still with me on Earth. You suppose to love who loves you, and I owe my family some TLC. They have been here for me, so it’s time for me to be here for them.

Natlie, the girls, and I are going on a Staycation camping trip for 4 days and 3 nights in the backyard. It starts on Sunday, we have yard work to do, and I won’t lie, I’m really excited. I have planned this once before, but I genuinely need a do-over. You can check out the video here.

I believe in keeping my chakras in alignment, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to go camping.

Photo by Mac DeStroir on

The fresh air, no phones, and letting nature reset your inner biological clock it’s rejuvenating. Especially if you get lucky with a brief rain shower, play in it. It makes me feel like all the negative vibes are being cleansed away. I also think I owe my family some real-time to strengthen our bonds. I was a little off, and I didn’t want anyone to think they were a problem. In the end, I was my own worse enemy.

Ok, yall, I have to get my day started, but I needed to talk with you. I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles.