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Easter Is In The Air

Did you know Easter is Sunday?

I just found out on Monday,  the same time I found out it was Spring Break for my girls. I must have been living under a rock because my head is all discombobulated. I haven’t even had time to schedule a meeting with the Easter Bunny, so I know when he will come through with the Easter Baskets. I have to get the eggs so we can dye them. I love glitter eggs, marbled eggs, and dinosaur easter eggs.

Guess what I’ve been doing instead… learning how to make ROUX!

If you don’t know, it’s a mixture of butter or oil, flour, salt, and pepper that is an excellent thickening to many dishes like gravy, sauces, and macaroni and cheese.

I am thrilled about my new love for roux, but I’m kicking myself because I could have made my Sunday meal last Sunday for Easter Sunday.

Would yall like a plate? I am proud of myself for how the macaroni and cheese turned out, and I wanted to share my meal with you. Grab a fork and a napkin.

Sunday Dinner – Meatloaf, collard greens, homemade mac and cheese, and candied yams!

I used ground turkey instead of beef. I will give yall my meatloaf recipe in the next blog, maybe you can enjoy an Easter dinner with meatloaf as your beautiful entree.

Do you guys have anything planned for Easter? Have you decided on your entrees of choice? Down south households always have these for great entree dishes:

but that means I have to go to the store because all I have is chicken and ground turkey. Smh, I am not the least prepared for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, since yall brought it up, Natlie is very excited. Yall, if you remember, I told yall she had her wisdom teeth taken out. Well, it is safe to say she is healing quite beautifully, and she is ready to eat. I gotta make sure she can gum her meal, she is still sore. It hasn’t stopped her from terrorizing a bowl of oatmeal! That poor bowl didn’t stand a chance.

Ok, yall, I gotta get ready for the Easter Bunny, but I had to let you see my new kitchen experiment, roux, and had to give you a plate of my Sunday dinner, and chat about how we are not ready for Easter.

Sending big hugs and warm smiles.



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A New Mindset: Rebel Mode Activated

I am BACK!!

To my readers, did you miss me? I missed you!! I have so many great things to share and I am so glad to be back.

Yall, I think I was having a mini-breakdown. Let me explain, I felt like the walls of the world were closing in on me, and I was slowly suffocating. I started basing my day on the news I read on social media or any news media outlet, especially Newsweek. I stopped doing things I loved and felt a sense of dread. I kept thinking I had to do everything in a single day because I may not wake up from war, or covid, or because of my autoimmune diseases. I feel I was self-sabotaging myself, and I feel I was causing panic within my family.

Not only that, Natlie has been ill and in the past two months had two surgeries. One was on February 9, 2022, for her fibroids, and one was performed yesterday April 5, 2022, for her wisdom teeth being removed. She was really sick, and it made me scared, nervous, and upset.  Did you know you can die from having mouth issues? Her wisdom teeth were so bad and infected they were like we need to remove then not now but RIGHT NOW!

From there my conversations started to consist of only a few topics. I started only talking about war, death, disease, and despair. It’s funny now but my youngest child, Mackenzie, asked me could she go outside one more time before we die? All I could think about was the skit from Queens of Comedy, and I didn’t want to be that grandmother. So I decided to make a change.

Guess what I did, I stopped everything. I actually went on ME vacation. I stopped reading the news, I stopped doing all the things that I was doing,  and I had to cut my time from social media. If it wasn’t for Making Paradise At Home, I chose to not entertain it. I got so into my ME vacation that I even skipped a few chores. I am not ashamed, I feel fabulous and I don’t feel defeated because I didn’t wash that load of clothes. It is safe to say, I became a REBEL.

Then I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a long time. I went out to eat with the family and enjoyed myself.

Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant

Of course, I followed the social distancing rules and protected myself, but I didn’t worry about restrictions,  I didn’t worry about a bomb or war, I didn’t think of anything but just having a good time. Something miraculous happened, I actually had an amazing time.

I decided to up the ante and gathered the family and we went to the park. Yall, I took my mask off and took the deepest breath I could. Needless to say, it was packed full of pollen, and yes, I am an allergy sufferer, but I did it, and I feel those sniffles and puffy eyes were well worth the deep breath!! I walked around the park huffing and puffing working out and feeling the burn. I got on swings, and jungle gyms, and before I knew it, Natlie and I had other parents playing on the park equipment as well.

Click to read

From there I got so into my ME vacation I started a book I had been wanting to read, and currently, I am mad at this Lycan King name Edward, he better be glad he is fictional, he doesn’t know me. You not just gonna manhandle the princess like that. I just made myself mad thinking about it. We need a moment of silence….. and we are back!

On my ME vacation, I learned something, there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. There is nothing wrong with just doing nothing. It’s okay to just be. Nothing more nothing less. Most importantly, I am glad I got to do it with my family. I made some pretty amazing memories.

With all that said, I am back and I just wanted to send big hugs to everyone.

Until next time! Keep smiling!!!


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Coping with a New World: Covid, Ukraine, and Auto Immune Issues

Let Me Vent!!!

I need to write, so I don’t lose my mind. I don’t know how to talk to anyone about this because how do you start a conversation like… How are you coping with the events in Ukraine? What about dealing with Covid and all the new variants that keep popping up? Did you know we have an unknown stealth variant? How are you doing health-wise? Are you ok mentally?

Well, since these questions just so happen to pop up, I’ll tell you how I’m feeling.

I’m not doing too good, but I’m trying to make the best of it. 

I thought I had a hard time coping with my own health scares, and then Covid hit, and I have tried to dodge and weave from contracting it, and I have been an iron fence around my family keeping them up on vitamins, shots, and wearing masks, and now I find myself thinking of living my best life because I’m afraid my days are numbered with Ukraine and the chaos that is coming with it.

I must confess, I haven’t been blogging lately, and I have all these ideas, but then I look at my family and think I should spend those moments with them. Am I the only one feeling like you are trying to get in as much time with people who love them, doing things you haven’t, and just wanting to make the best of everything.?

I even let my guard down recently and went to quite a few restaurants that I missed, and I must say, I had the best time at all of these places. The family really enjoyed themselves, the people and ambiance were terrific, and it was something that was much needed. But guess what, Covid is on the rise again, and I feel like the little freedom I had is being snatched away soon as I had it.


I have been a recluse since 2020, and I want to get off house arrest and go enjoy myself. I get mad about my autoimmune diseases and CKD, because not only am I in a prison, so is my family!

I’m just tired of being tired. I want to feel like my life isn’t consisting of masked meetings, short visits in the open air, and homemade meals because I can’t afford to risk my health catching covid.

How are you coping in the New World? How do you stay optimistic when it seems like every time you turn around, it looks like it’s something else that goes wrong?

Let’s not talk about gas and food prices because then this won’t be a vent. This would be a Declaration of How to Make a Cook Mad!

Ok… I guess I have vented and fussed enough. I just needed to vent and be heard because I felt like I was losing it a little.

It’s hard being an adult when you want to have a temper tantrum and eat Ben and Jerry’s.

I hope everyone can find peace and positivity during these trying times.

I will be blogging again very soon, just taking some time to learn how to cope.


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Happy New Year

It is 2022 and we have made it to another year.

Do you have any idea how to make your year better? Have you set any goals? Are you excited about what is in store for you?

I am! When I look back at 2021, it was a growing pain that made me wiser and stronger. I’m better than what I was mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If I can grow that much, how far can I grow this year?

I’m going to put my best foot forward and do my best, and I hope you will be motivated and make this a start of a great year. When I’m climbing the mountain, I want to see you beside me, if not further at the top.

I hope 2022 is full of abundance, prosperity, and peace for you and your family.

Happy New Year!

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Bittersweet Holiday

The holidays are always bittersweet for me. I always have memories of my mom. She passed May 2015, and you would think I am learning to live without her…. I can’t!

I’m grateful to have learned her recipes so I can pass them down to my children, but I still miss her.

How do you cope with the holidays? What brings you out of the holiday blues?

I cope by mixing old traditions with new ones. My family and I now roast marshmallows on the fire pit. We put up the Christmas tree around Thanksgiving, and we do family games in the spirit of Christmas. It helps.

Just wanted to vent and get some of the heaviness off my heart, now to bring in the positivity😇

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My New Journey

Nov 2, 2021

This is my first real blog and I really don’t know how to start off, so I’m just going to talk.

If you read my Get To Know Me page, you know I suffer from hypoparathyroidism and coping with life, trying making the best out of EVERYTHING.

Well guess what…

I have a new journey ahead.

Over the weekend, Natlie’s birthday weekend, I received a call from a kidney program. I also had received some information in the mail, but I overlooked it. Do you have any idea how much health stuff you get in the mail?

I thought it was junk mail!!!

Needless to say I waited to check out the envelope until Monday. I despise dealing with stuff during the weekend.

This is what I received in the mail


I’m really nervous, I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hopeful.

To help with my nerves I’m gonna set some goals and so I can stay motivated.

I’m gonna bake something. Food is always good for the soul, and I can talk to the family about our new adventure.

Wish me luck.

Until next time😇