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A Birthday Getaway

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Hey yall, I went on a birthday vacation with the family, and I have to tell yall about it.

Before starting my long-winded story, I have something to ask yall! How yall been doing? How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you have a good February so far? Are you taking your multivitamins and drinking plenty of water? Ok… I was just asking!! We have to check on each other.

Vacation Story
This hotel is in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is amazing and has an indoor water park.


Everybody was so excited that we left home at 9:30 am. Mind you, check-in at Dunes Village Resort isn’t until 4 pm, but we were so excited to go somewhere after three years; finally, we left that morning. The ride was only three and a  half hours, but the drive was much-needed and well-deserved.

We ended up getting there early, of course, and I went ahead and did the check-in, and guess what happened? Our room was ready.


We did a quick luggage drop-off and room scan and went for a bite to eat.

We ate at Hard Rock Cafe!

My phone was on 5% by the time the food came, and when I started to take photos, my phone was out of commission. I tried to use everybody else’s, but their phones were dead too. I still got some fantastic photos of the restaurant for you.

I also wanted to walk around and get some video footage for yall. They have some great memorabilia, including the ICONIC JAMES BROWN! You know I had to show you some of the things I saw. I believe this is why my phone died.

When the food came, it was terrific, as always. Natlie and I shared the classic nachos with added chicken and lettuce. The girls, Madison and Mackenzie, ate sweet and spicy chicken wings and fries.

I regret so much not having photos, but I will do better next time! Check out their menu.

We had to shop for bathing suits and get groceries for the vacation. We didn’t even make it to the pool or beach on Wednesday. Everyone came back and just passed out. Natlie and I had the living room, and it came with a pull-out couch and a full-size pull-down wall bed.

Thursday -Saturday

I woke early Thursday morning; the sun wasn’t even up. I woke Natlie up so we could see the sunrise.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Then I got everybody up, ordered breakfast from IHOP, and hit the pool. We ordered the Family Feast Waffles On the Go Platter. It has sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and waffles for $49.99.

It is two different hotel towers with two different pool areas. I didn’t keep my phone on me all the time, but I did take photos of our tower. We were in tower 2.


We enjoyed the beach, and the weather was so delightful.

Friday’s Sunrise

By Saturday, it was a dreary rainy day. We still went to the pool but stayed off the beach that day. It was too cold and rainy for me.

For the first time ever I witnessed someone mopping the ocean!

And at first, I thought I saw things until… I was right!

We all had planned to go to Captain Benjamin’s Calabash, our favorite family seafood spot in Myrtle Beach. It is well worth the money and $50 per person. I took photos to show you everything you can get.

Not including the soup and ice cream bar. This place is family-friendly and worth the bang for your buck.

Saturday night, Natlie and I watched The Woman King, one of my favorite movies,  and the girls got to swim one last time before we left. We were back on the road Sunday morning by 8 am because Natlie had to be at work by 1 pm.

I hope yall enjoyed my vacation with me. As always, Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!






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