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A Rollercoaster of a Week: Need a Listening Board

It has been a HELL of a week.

I brought tea for our little talk—chamomile for my nerves.
Let me vent.

Yall, I haven’t been feeling too well. I had a few doctor’s appointments, and they went well. Yay me!

Lately, when I take my medicine, I get nauseated and lightheaded. I called the kidney doctor, and the assistant told me she KNEW it wasn’t the medicine and to call my regular doctor. HOW? WHY? I told her I called them because they prescribed me the medication. She told me it wasn’t that medication.

How can she be sure if I haven’t been tested in 6 months? My next appointment is in July; that’s the quickest they can see me. It burned my breeches to be dismissed like that. Then she said sorry I can’t help you. SMH. I couldn’t talk to my kidney doctor because she is on maternity leave. I know, I feel the same way yall feel; she was so busy doing the nasty.. couldn’t even answer my call. Just selfish. 

The Solution

So guess what I did? I got mad and started exercising harder. I started a new smoothie regime, and I increased my exercise.

Yes, I Did!!! I’m tired of taking medicine. I take medication for everything because my stupid kidney wants to play a rogue. See how not being a team player can take down a ship. Well, I’m not going to be defeated!

I have been doing research and decided it was now or never. I started on this smoothie kick, and you can check out some great ideas here on Instagram. I even follow these websites called Fitness and Health and TriHollistic Wellness. Both have great information to help you on your health or weight loss journey. Well, I’m about to get healthy and off this medicine.

The Finale

I wasn’t having a good day yesterday. Nothing was wrong, but I felt like something was wrong. You just can’t put your finger on it type of feeling.

Well, around 9 pm, I decided to work out and get my nerves calm so I could go to bed. No sooner than I got into the bed, I found out my college sweetheart had passed away. Do you know that piece of your heart that cracks when you hear devastating news? It cracked deep. It’s funny because you are prepared to bury your parents or older loved ones, but when it’s your friend or people your age, you see yourself as a mortal being. You begin to see how time waits for no man.

Out of respect for his family and it happening so suddenly, I won’t give out any information. Just know, L.D., you will always have a special place in my heart, and you will be missed.

Ok yall, I just wanted to talk and vent. I needed a listening board to get all of this off my chest.

As always, I am sending big hugs and warm smiles.


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