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A Special Day For A Special Person

Today is an extraordinary day. Most people will scream Cinco de Mayo, but it is shared with a phenomenal woman’s birthday, my mom!

Turtle cheesecake with whipped cream.

There is nothing I can’t say about this woman. She is one of the best moms I know. My mom made me into the woman I am today. Yes, I have my quirks but she taught me it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect. She showed me how to love myself.

She passed on May 23, 2015, during Memorial Day weekend.

My mom is one of the many reasons I go all out on holidays and birthdays. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, and your birthday is as much a holiday as any other holiday.

I find myself still coping even though so much time has passed. Took a while to realize that it is ok. I still think of her, I still dream of her, and I will forever and always hold her in my heart.

Mama, I’m going to continue to make you proud.

I wanted to pay homage to an amazing, loving, person I miss dearly.  My mom, Patti Spears.

As always yall, warm smiles and big hugs.


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