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A Week For Myself

Hey yall, how have you been doing? Guess what I’ve been up to? I had a birthday last week. Yes, I Did! I was born on September 7, 1980, at 5:02 am. I am a certified Virgo, and I love every bit of it. I can hear someone right now saying, ” I knew she was a Virgo… I knew it!”

I want to tell you everything, but I got some bad news to share first. It’s easier to get the bad over with so we can relish in the good.

My personal Facebook page has gotten hacked a fourth time, and I will not be fixing it. I have had people get my youngest daughter banned on Tik Tok, and as of late, my hacker blocked my oldest off my page. I could give you a run-down but trust me when I say it is not worth the energy. The biggest lesson I learned is people will show you how they feel after a misunderstanding. Can you imagine me telling these people to PRAY for me when I thought I was dying, just to find out they were PREYING on me? So much has happened with that personal page; it’s like the saying goes, “Out with the Old, and in with the New!”

Now for the Good Stuff

Yall, I had a week full of nothing but good vibes and good times, and I made sure to take photos and videos to share with you.

We gonna party together!!

I really missed yall, and although I know a lot of you are in different countries, I wanted to bring my birthday to you. Usually, I love to have a cookout and have ice cream and cake, but I didn’t want to plan anything. I just wanted to enjoy the week. Sidenote: We have a family tradition we started that we celebrate a birthday for a week because it is our SPECIAL HOLIDAY for ourselves. If we can prepare for Christmas, why can’t we celebrate ourselves similarly?

Put your seatbelt on because I’m gonna take you on a LONG ride.

Sunday, Sept.4, We went to Cracker Barrel. It is an old-time country restaurant and store. I’m from the country, so this place always gives me the warm fuzzy feeling I used to get when I was younger.


They have antique memorabilia on the walls, and if you are lucky, they have a checkers table you can sit and play at until your table is ready. When you leave, many people sit in the rocking chairs outside and let their food digest. I am one of those people. I am not ashamed. Check out our breakfast selection.

Monday, September 5, Natlie and I went to Blacow Burger and Sushi Bar. I have incriminating evidence to prove that Natlie doesn’t care about me when she eats chicken wings.

Let me tell you my side of the story. She always ignores me when she eats. I gave her water before we left home, but she didn’t care. She starts smelling the fries, wings, and burgers cooking in the back… all that enjoying the ambiance goes out the window.

Tuesday, September 6, The girls and I went to Olive Garden. We had to get Phatty (Mackenzie) some school uniforms, and then we decided to finish off our little girls’ trip with an amazing dinner.

We had a good time, and Phatty, for the first time ever, ordered a raspberry lemonade. She was so excited over that little drink. I’m telling you, I could see the lights in her eyes flash.

Wednesday, September 7, MY BIRTHDAY

I woke up to text messages from Natlie starting at 12:00 am wishing me a Happy Birthday. Natlie was off work, and she was with me ALL DAY LONG. She even woke up at 7:00 am to run errands with me. Madison still wasn’t in school, so it was a little hectic. By 11:00 am, we were at Phatty’s school, getting her out for the day. We went to the mall, Natlie wanted to take me to do some shopping, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted.  I’m at this place in my life I’m genuinely happy. I just want to experience life and make great memories. She didn’t even know her and the girls being with me on my birthday was the best gift ever. But I did go for ice cream at Ninety’s Milkshake Bar that evening. We walked around the lake, and I enjoyed the sun setting and the colors it made over the water.

I don’t know what you call this concoction; I know it is a brownie, ice cream, and a cookie. Phatty got a unicorn milkshake. You can see it on the right side with the sprinkles.

Thursday, September 8, Madison FINALLY has her school information.  Listen to this, though, she doesn’t have a bus assigned yet. Yeap… every day, I take her to school until she can get a bus.

Friday, September 9, I won’t lie; I was lazy. It was the first time the girls were both out of the house. I dropped Madison off at her school, came back, and got Mackenzie to the bus stop, and I came home and lay done. YES, I DID. This was the first time in 2 years the house was quiet, and I had a good time. After I got the girls from school, I treated us to Jersey Mikes. It’s a fabulous sandwich shop that makes the best steak and cheese sub.

I was waiting for my sub and decided to take a photo. I forgot to take a picture of my steak and cheese sub. I get the number 43 with extra mushrooms, onions, and chipotle; add tomatoes and lettuce!

Saturday, September 10, Natlie and the girls did a Sour Challenge. I didn’t know that while they were having a good time, they were setting up for a birthday party.

I had to hold back my tears because I didn’t even think they would have done this. It meant so much, and I got cake and ice cream wasted. I even got some of the Birthday Songs for you guys.

Sunday, September 11, I learned how to make tuna croquettes; I will be making a recipe blog soon.

Natlie and I watched football. Her favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and she was yelling and cheering all by herself.  They played the Dallas Cowboys and won 19-3. I sat there enjoying my cake and ice cream. I don’t have a favorite team.

For the football fanatics, I guess you can see why she was so happy.

What do you think about my birthday week? I think it was pretty amazing. I know it’s not as extravagant as most, but I thought it was EPIC. Can you believe I’m 42? I can’t, but I guess it’s because I feel like I’m 25. Age ain’t nothing but a number.

Ok yall, I’m not gonna hold you any longer. I just wanted to share some of my birthday shenanigans with you. As always, sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.



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