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Backyard Camping: Something Strange Happened

Hey yall!!! How was your Memorial Day holiday? Did you do anything fun? I hope you got to relax if you didn’t do anything else. My little staycation was a little weird.

Give me a few minutes so I can fill you in. Are you hungry? I cooked jambalaya last night and wanted to give you a taste.

I used chicken, cajun chicken sausage, shrimp, blue crab: watermelon, and semi-homemade cheddar biscuits. I used the Red Lobster boxed version.

Yall, we got the campsite and yard work done on Saturday. If you are a camper, you know it’s hard work getting the camp set up! Sunday, when the family and I got there by 10 am to get things going, I caught a heat intolerance. I had to move slower than usual, but I was still in the game. I passed out Sunday night, but Monday morning, Natlie, told me she heard walking around our tent and the girls. Madison woke up around 8 am, and she said she thought she saw a dark figure walking around and said she thought it was us… HELL NAW.

Oh, ooh, put your seatbelt on. So we have a portable toilet. I used it in the middle of the night. In the morning, it’s water all in the tent on one side. As I’m cooking breakfast, Natlie runs back and forth outside, getting my books and getting towels. Somehow and someway, there is water in the tent on the floor and the only thing stopping it from getting to us is a divider. We thought it was the toilet, but it was just water.

Monday night, halfway threw the night, the mattress deflates, so Natlie and I go into the house and finish sleeping. When we came back outside at 7 am on Tuesday, there was water on the water cooler by the electrical plugs. There is no water on the floor this time, but on the water cooler… here is the kicker, there is no water in the cooler: just some chips, a book, and some socks for my toes.

Tuesday, Madison blows up the mattress for us using the electrical cord. She is in our tent, sitting on the floor, moving the mattress around, walking around the tent; EVERYTHING IS DRY! Ten minutes later, I tell Natlie to help me get the cord so we can do karaoke. Why is there a puddle of water in our tent and the electrical cord? In the water, and the water was a puddle in the corner. Natlie starts freaking out and says the floor feels like ice, and Madison has to tell her she was just in there and nothing had happened.

Tuesday night, Natlie and I decided to sleep in the house and let the girls have our tent because it’s bigger, and we wanted the girls to have a night going out with a BANG! They sure had a night full of BANGS because they ended up in the house with us by 10:30 pm.

A spider was in there looking at them, and they felt threatened because it was blocking the door. Madison said a water bug that was anorexia was on the tent and looked like it was looking for its last meal. Mackenzie said she kept hearing water shaken around like a drink was being made WITHOUT ice, and Madison didn’t hear any of it. They both heard walking, and the fire and tiki torches all went out. Yes, you can guess it; they were freaked out.

I had a funny feeling and told Natlie to check; she was like you read my mind. The girls were so freaked out when Natlie checked on them that they made her go to the tent and unzip it and let them run out like a bat out of hell. Yes, it sounded like a stampede. They ran through the backdoor like they were being hunted.

Yes, we got into the blow-up pool. It was HOT!

Needless to say, we ended the camping trip on a good note. I just had to share this experience. It’s one for the record books.

We had to use aluminum pans to catch the ashes.

Oh, and guess what, our firepit started making holes in it. Do you think I put too much wood in it, and the heat may have melted it? So now we have to get a new firepit.

Last but not least, Madison is doing testing today. So she needs all the great vibes she can get. I dropped her off at 10:30 am, and she should be back sometime this evening. She decided to take the school bus home, and you know how that is. She gets out at 3:00 pm, but the school didn’t give a drop-off time.

Ok yall, as always, you know I have to give you a big hug and a warm smile.



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