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Crawlspace Repairs: A Messy Pit!

Hey yall, It has been a while, and I am checking in to see how yall are doing and tell you about my newest adventures at home.

Let us take a quick vacation. I need it!!!

So, how have yall been doing since the last time we had our talk? Did you have a lovely Mother’s Day? Mine was excellent. I didn’t do much of anything and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet.

The family is doing well. So much has been going on; get cozy because I’m going to tell you.


Madison has been on the go like a rocket. She has been studying for EOGs and school activities. She is doing so well in school, yall my baby is taking Spanish. She has been drawing for her personal portfolio and has a social life… Yes, she does, yall. She and her boyfriend are still going strong; her friend, who had a mental breakdown, he is doing so much better.


Mackenzie hates school but loves her friends!

This is her first year taking EOGs, and she isn’t happy at all. She hates the fact she has to study all the time in school and take quizzes and tests to take a big test. She said she keeps reading big pages, and they don’t have pictures. Yeap, she is fussing, and she said what she said. Overall, she is thriving in school, knocking on wood; she has had no more issues with little boys attacking her!


Natlie is back to work, and she is doing well. She went back last Thursday, and at first, she had to get back into the swing of things, but she got her stride. She is doing better with her anxiety, and we are taking one day at a time, sometimes, moment to moment.

Ivey (That’s me)

I’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking. Life has been busy, but it always is. For the past month, I have been dealing with house foundation issues. Natlie and I had to get crawlspace repairs done because the floors were sinking.

We called the insurance company, and they don’t handle structural damage, so we were left on our own. We are working with this amazing company called Falcone, and they have been on time and so polite.

The company will be finishing up this week, it only took a few days so far, but this is some of the photos I have for yall.

It’s been a little busy over on the homefront, but we had to get it done. I have to get going, my day isn’t nearly over yet, but I missed yall. As always, sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!


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