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Diet Changes Update!

Hey yall, we need to talk!

I want to make some adjustments to my diet and exercise. I’m starting to get stressed from not reaching my goals daily, and I feel it is taking a toll on my success, so we will make some changes.


We started on this 21-Day Smoothie Challenge. Then last week, I messed up, and I feel guilty. I haven’t even had a real smoothie since last Monday.

I want to incorporate more food into my diet. I want to eat more salads and have veggie fajitas and gluten-free bread. Listen, I’m a southern woman with a love affair with gravy. I’m giving up the chocolate, the fruitcake, eggnog, and alfredo sauce; let me have some gluten-free bread every so often!

We have to go slow on this road to success.

I have been on this cauliflower kick lately. Did you know it tastes like chicken if you do it right? I even use apples in my fajitas as a meat replacement. I know it sounds crazy, but the onions, bell peppers, and other veggies balance out the sweetness of the apples.


I need to reduce my walking from 7000 to 5000.

So I am having trouble keeping my phone on me at all times, and it is easier for me to walk to 5000 steps than 7000 if I forget my phone.

Let me tell you a story…

Not too long ago, my lovely family bought me some portable headphones. I am used to having my phone on me because I had wired headphones. This particular day, I went to my music playlist, hit my favorite song, PUT MY PHONE DOWN, and proceeded to exercise for 45 minutes.

As I finished my workout. I PICK UP my phone, excited to see my steps, only to realize I never had it on me.

I will invest in a smartwatch; I always find something else to do with my money. It seems the kids need shoes, or we running out of seasonings. I need to refill my medicine, and the gas tank is low. Let us not talk about the kids having school activities, or the school needing a tissue, or you just so happen to see some meat on sale, and you are going to get that turkey bacon because you can’t usually find it.

With that being said, and my little moment of insanity, we will try something a little different and see how I do.

Also, I want to incorporate a Cheat Day. I want some ice cream, and knowing I can’t have any makes me feel crazy inside.

I feel better getting this off my chest! I needed an outlet and felt guilty for not keeping my word. Deep down, I care about gaining that pound, but I don’t feel I need to beat myself up. I am learning I beat myself up and am my own worse critic. I’m teaching myself not to be so hard on myself so much.

Ok yall, Big Hugs and Warm Smiles


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