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Doctor Appointment and Lifestyle Changes

Hey yall,  I got some news to tell you. Before I get started, how have yall been? Have you been staying out of trouble? Has the New Year been good for you so far? How was your Friday the 13th?

We have to eat healthier. It’s a necessity, and you will love it!

Are you sitting? Ok… I went to the doctor on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and do you remember me telling you I had been eating poorly? Well, it showed on the blood pressure monitor and the scale! Yes, it did. Y’all, I got the results here.

I will always be honest with you. That’s me right there in all my glory. So you know we have to fix that.  So guess what? We are going on a lifestyle change. I don’t want to call it a diet because I will not change up in a few months.

This holiday season, I ate like a fat kid who loves cake. I know I shouldn’t have had all the egg nog, fruitcake, candy, cookies, diet coke, coffee, cake, gravies… yall I ate so well. Now look at this, I’m paying for it. DON’T BE LIKE ME, BE BETTER!

I know you may not understand the numbers, but these are the results for my thyroid.

Everything is in the normal range. It was my blood pressure that was causing me to feel so horrible.

Lifestyle changes

I have decided to focus on my health more and see how much weight I can lose before my next annual exam. My appointment is on March 29, 2023.

If you know me by now, I get focused when I set a goal. I plan on having a low sodium, low protein diet. I want to incorporate The Smoothie Challenge into this and use my weighted hula hoop for my exercise. I want to get at least 7000 steps a day in. To be realistic, at least five times a week.

I am so serious about my health that I even downloaded an app to help me keep up with my steps. It is called SweatCoin, and I would love for you to walk with me. If you want to join me on my weight loss journey, accept my invitation so you can walk with me!

Also, I plan on keeping a weekly journal to see my progress. If I see this, it is not a fantasy or a dream. I’m working on an imperfect masterpiece.

Ok yall, I’m gonna get my day started. Also, I will still be posting my recipes, I have so many in my little vault, but I will be incorporating my smoothies and low-sodium creations.

As always, sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!











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