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Easter Is In The Air

Did you know Easter is Sunday?

I just found out on Monday,  the same time I found out it was Spring Break for my girls. I must have been living under a rock because my head is all discombobulated. I haven’t even had time to schedule a meeting with the Easter Bunny, so I know when he will come through with the Easter Baskets. I have to get the eggs so we can dye them. I love glitter eggs, marbled eggs, and dinosaur easter eggs.

Guess what I’ve been doing instead… learning how to make ROUX!

If you don’t know, it’s a mixture of butter or oil, flour, salt, and pepper that is an excellent thickening to many dishes like gravy, sauces, and macaroni and cheese.

I am thrilled about my new love for roux, but I’m kicking myself because I could have made my Sunday meal last Sunday for Easter Sunday.

Would yall like a plate? I am proud of myself for how the macaroni and cheese turned out, and I wanted to share my meal with you. Grab a fork and a napkin.

Sunday Dinner – Meatloaf, collard greens, homemade mac and cheese, and candied yams!

I used ground turkey instead of beef. I will give yall my meatloaf recipe in the next blog, maybe you can enjoy an Easter dinner with meatloaf as your beautiful entree.

Do you guys have anything planned for Easter? Have you decided on your entrees of choice? Down south households always have these for great entree dishes:

but that means I have to go to the store because all I have is chicken and ground turkey. Smh, I am not the least prepared for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, since yall brought it up, Natlie is very excited. Yall, if you remember, I told yall she had her wisdom teeth taken out. Well, it is safe to say she is healing quite beautifully, and she is ready to eat. I gotta make sure she can gum her meal, she is still sore. It hasn’t stopped her from terrorizing a bowl of oatmeal! That poor bowl didn’t stand a chance.

Ok, yall, I gotta get ready for the Easter Bunny, but I had to let you see my new kitchen experiment, roux, and had to give you a plate of my Sunday dinner, and chat about how we are not ready for Easter.

Sending big hugs and warm smiles.



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