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First Day of School

Hey yall, it’s the first day of school, and we are back in action. How are yall doing? Are yall taking care of yourselves?  What have you been up to?

I brought us some pancakes and coffee.

Mackenzie has been excited since last week, so she was dressed and ready by 6:30 am.  Madison, on the other hand, is having some issues with her first day. She doesn’t get to go to school right now because they still haven’t transferred her transcript from virtual schooling to public school. You would think she would be happy with the extra time off from school, but she isn’t handling Mackenzie’s absence too well.

This is our first day of school photo. They wouldn’t let us walk her in but stopped us on the curb.


She has been all emotional, telling me to go back and get her from school; she misses Mackenzie bothering her. SMH!! She walks past the bedroom door looking like a sad puppy dog them lets out soft whimpers. She followed me to the kitchen, whimpering. I accidentally said the word school, and she got sad all over again.

Madison is a gentle giant. She will be 6’5 but has a heart of a kitten.

I want to throw a pillow at her, but I have to be empathic to her feelings, but deep down, I want to yell, “SHUT UP!”


Guess what happened last week to me?  My amazing kidney doctor has taken me off one of my medications called Amlodipine. It was given to me for my heart. It helps relaxes the blood vessels, and my heart was able to beat at a slower pace. I’m doing so well. My heart doesn’t need help anymore. I have been able to be taken off the medication completely and successfully, and although I’m still in the withdrawal stage, I feel like pieces of the old me are mending back together.

Ok yall, I have to start my day, but I had to bother you with the first day of school shenanigans. As always sending you big hugs and warm smiles.


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