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6 Thoughtful Gifts For Her Under $25


Do you ever find it hard to find the right gift for that special lady in your life? You know she loves coffee, she loves to read, and she is pretty great in the kitchen, where do you start? How do you choose the right gift. and most important… WILL SHE LOVE IT??</a>

I have taken out some of the guesswork and have a few ideas that can help with your gift giving dilemma.

1.   Jade Roller 

It is amazing  the anti-aging qualities for removing fine lines and wrinkles off her face and helps with blood circulation and overall youthful appearance. Use daily for best benefits. Helpful tip: But in freezer for 10 minutes.  It works well with the penetration’s of facial creams. Thank me later!

2. All In One Essential Diffuser/ Humidifier/ Bluetooth Clock

This is the all in one best smelling diffuser’s that will have the woman in your life smiling from ear to ear. She can add different essential oils for her needs,, whether to relax or to feel energized, has a convenient 3 setting for automatic shutoff for when the water runs out while using the humidifer.


3. Bath Bombs

For the lover of baths this is the go to essential must have for bath time. These bath bombs  are  vegan  and  handmade,  so  no  cruelty  to  animals,,  leaving  your  feeling  radiant  with  glowing  skin.

4. Scalp Massager

This is my personal favorite. I love having my head scratched and massaged, so anyone that loves a good head scratch and massage… GET THIS!! I would personally buy this for me as a gift. I love how it help exfoliate my scalp while giving me a sensational tingling feeling. I can not stress if you have a person who loves their head scratched or massaged, get this!


5. Women Spa Sets

 My opinion, but everyone love spa sets. They have everything you need for your at home spa day. These spa sets will leave you feeling luxurious.


6. Robe Set

For the sexy sultry seductress in every female this gift will set the trails a blazing with this pajama and robe set. This is the go to gift that will have her feeling so sexy and succulent. you have been warned, these robe sets are beautiful, wait until she is wearing one.

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