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Gifts for TEENAGERS under $20

With a teenager in the house its kind of hard to pinpoint the exact gift to get for them. I have a teenager daughter and she isn’t the most vocal when it comes to Christmas gifts until the LAST MINUTE.

With a teenager in the house its kind of hard to pinpoint the exact gift to get for them. I have a teenager daughter and she isn’t the most vocal when it comes to Christmas gifts until the LAST MINUTE. With the holiday books coming in the mail, I have been keeping an eye on some of the gadgets and gifts my oldest daughter keep looking at.

I hope some of these ideas can come in handy for you.



Bedazzler Kits

These are great presents for people who love to have rhinestones on everything. My teenager has bedazzled her walls, shirts, hats, curtains, and she now likes to wear rhinestones on her face. For the bedazzler of the family this is a perfect gift.

Funky Phone Case 

I know it doesn’t sound exciting but if you look into the world of phone cases, you will e surprised at what you see. I have a few phone cases myself, and I personally would like one for Christmas. Spice it up with their favorite character, sports teams, or favorite color with some funky or exotic shapes. Let your imagination run wild.

Phone Holder 

This may seem small but with the way teenagers are TikToking and learning to drive, this is more of a necessity than an accessory.

Phone Knob

The perfect gift for anyone with a phone, this is essential for any phone. I have one of these as well. Listen, you just pop it to the back of your phone and you will never drop your phone again. They have so many different designs. Trust me, you will want one for yourself.

Portable Charger

There will be no reason for the excuse of a dead phone now. Thiis is an easy gift to carry, and best of all… you don’t need a charger. ITS PORTABLE. Just plug their phone into in and they are charged up in no time.

Ear Buds

Tell me you don’t know someone, especially your teenager, right now, that doesn’t need at least one ear bud? How about two? My teenager walking around the house as we speak with one working ear bud. Great stocking stuffer gift.

Gift Cards

This is for the teenager who says, ” I don’t want nothing!” Well guess what buddy, here is a gift card. They can buy what they want, and you can put the amount. Everybody wins.

Art Supplies

This is for the artsy teenager in the house. They always need paint brushes, canvas paper, chalk, paints, markers, water paints, construction paper, and cotton. You can find some really great art kits for great prices. They will sure love it.

Chakra Beads Gemstone Kits

For the new age teenager, this is the gift. The chakra bead kits allow them to make their own energy bracelets. They can make any type of jewelry, and it is a excellent gift for an inexpensive price.

Moon Lamp / Lava Lamp

These lamps have evolved over the years and are so impressive, anyone in the family would love this.

DIY Kits

These gifts are perfect for the teenager who is into doing their own everything. Making a scrapbook, phone cover, tye-dyed shirts, photo frames, the list goes on, and you will find it here.

Inflatable Lounger

This is great for any teenager who wants to add furniture to their room. It is easy to assemble and best of all not heavy.


Cologne / Perfume

You can find some really nice cologne and perfumes for teenagers. You can buy several small ones and make it like a gift assortment or buy one ad a stocking stuffer.


This is a must have because it is too easy to lose important documents, like ID or drivers licenses. My daughter has a wallet and still proceeds to throw her money in her purse, I still have no idea why.

Personalized Items

They will be so appreciative of this gift. You can personalize a cap or shirt, keychains, bath towels, earrings, car tags, floor mats, jackets, let your imagination run wild. I guarantee you will see a smile from ear to ear.

Comforter/ Throw

This is great for the decor enthusiast who loves to spruce up their rooms. Believe it or not my 8-year-old would love this gift. They come in so many styles, they are not the traditional type. You can get them with feet or a hoodie for warmth, they have some that has a calming effect, you will be amazed.

Keepsake Journal

A lot of teenagers love to have mementos,  but why not have a personal journey. They can write their deepest secrets, or just a memory book of their proudest moments. You will be sure to find something for them here.

Face Mask

We all are well aware we have a few viruses lingering around, and what better way to give a great gift that  a face mask. You can find different designs and add antibacterial soap to it as stay healthy and safe gift.

I hope these ideas can help out with the holiday hassle and have fun.



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