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Groceries and Gas: Venting!!!

Warning: I’m mad

Good morning and nope, this isn’t a recipe or a how-to-do anything! I’m so mad I could spit fire. People always say write a letter it’s good for you, take time and write down your feelings… I don’t know who to fuss at; venting is a suitable choice.

How am I supposed to make these recipes I found on Pinterest and Instagram, but I can barely afford the cost of tissue paper? Listen, I paid $17.25 for a pack of 24. You may say this is a good deal, but I used to pay $11-$12. Then I needed to buy a carton of eggs. Ummmm, why do eggs cost $4? So now, to go to the store, I have to figure out if I want to wipe my butt or fix an omelet? I don’t want to get into the cost of fruit and vegetables, but know it’s on my mind.

Oh, while I was out, I realized my gas tank was low, so I drove to the gas station. I should have gone HOME! I paid $80.00 for gas, and I’m trying to figure out how I left the house and, in less than 20 minutes, spent over $100 and NOT have one bit of fun, and still hungry. How? How? How do you wake up like this?

I don’t discuss politics, but all I’m saying is how we get $40 billion to help somebody else, but we broke over here. JUDGE ME. I’m trying to decide if we can make 24 rolls of tissue work for a month in my house. It’s four females in this house, and you think I don’t have my own war going on? Huh? Do you not realize shrimp is cheaper than bacon? What breakfast recipes come with shrimp? You don’t know my pain; you don’t know my stress. I’m going hard in the paint over here. The struggle is real.

Speaking of struggle, I do not like this Roe vs. Wade situation! Listen, I know I’m sexy succulent, but I’m on this healthy lifestyle kick. If I keep losing weight and lose my mommy pouch, I won’t have a defense mechanism to fight off my attackers. At least I can sit down and hope I can suffocate them or do deadweight. You can’t move me!!

P.S.A. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, I PROMISE on everything I love, I will drink milk in public every day!!! Every. Single. Day. I am lactose intolerant and will use every ounce of the side effect to my ability. Call me SILENT and DEADLY! Do Not Touch ME unless I tell you to.

Last but not least, we have a heat wave. Nope, nope, nope, I’m not here for it. I just got over my previous heat intolerance, and I don’t need any heat waves over here. Just the two words together don’t sound optimistic. HEAT WAVE, nothing good can come from this.

I’m still mad, but I’m gonna stop fussing. It is going to be too hot today to be mad. I gotta find something to cook, and everybody will be mad because I’m not cooking until after 7 pm. Who cooks in the house during a heat wave? They better drink water!!!!!! Judge me I don’t care, I’m not gonna have a heat stroke cooking! See I just made myself mad all over again!

On that note, I want to tell everyone to PLEASE stay safe and in positive spirits. It’s getting harder than ever out here; try to do the best you can.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles!





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This is sooooooooo relatable!! Gas prices have me feeling like instead of a PPP loan, I need a GGG Gas Loan!!! Also, this Roe Vs Wade. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I will have take laxatives and go all out!! This inflation is higher Lil Wayne, Snoop and Bob Marley combined!! Can’t come back from that!! I love this!!!!

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