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I Am Back… With Apologies!

Hey yall, I am back, and I want to first apologize for spazzing out the other day. Although I have a right to blow a fuse, I shouldn’t have put that stress on yall.


Soooo… I took a much-needed break from everything and went to visit some “people.” I went to visit my family, that is resting!

When I get stressed out I like to visit my mom or ancestors and talk to them. It is a bonus because they can’t talk back; all they can do is listen. Sometimes I take lunch and eat with them and just let the silence heal a lot of my wounds, and it makes me feel calm to be with family, no matter where they are.

I’m an only child from my mom, and a lot of my family members have passed away, so if it weren’t for Natlie and my girls, I wouldn’t have anyone. I know it may sound foolish, but I don’t want them to think because they aren’t here, they are forgotten because when I leave I don’t want anyone to forget me!

With that being said, I know yall have to put up with a lot from me, but if I can show you my bad cards and you stay when I’m winning, aren’t I supposed to take you with me? I think so…

I want to take a moment to let yall know I am back in full swing and will be posting all my new recipes and stuff soon.

I really appreciate yall, and as always, Sending Big Hugs and the Warmest Smiles.



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