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A Few Stories to Tell

Hey yall, a lot has happened in the few weeks since I last posted. Go ahead and put your seatbelt on because I’m going to take you for a ride. So much has happened it will be easier for me to tell yall in order of events instead of each person.

I brought us a fruit charcuterie board to eat as I get yall caught up.

Before I begin, how have yall been doing? How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Are yall getting ready for summer? For us, this is the first day of the last week of school. The girls are so happy; you can feel their excitement.

True Story Time

The last time I talked to yall, Madison had her play, and it was phenomenal! Well, on Friday, May 26th, the girls got sick as a dog. SMH, I believe it was the popcorn from our movie night because it had that movie-style butter, and it must have been too greasy for their tummies. They kept telling me it wasn’t, but I didn’t know what else to think. Well, by Sunday, I was sick. It started at 9:30 pm that night, 48 hours after the girls got sick.

It was the same symptoms as the girls, but I was sick for several days. My symptoms were like food poisoning! Vomiting, runny stools, sweating, then getting chills; I was so dehydrated I couldn’t even keep down a spoonful of water. This lasted for two days, and then at night until Thursday. I couldn’t even stand the look of food or even hear about it. I ate applesauce, greek yogurt, saltine crackers, and Gatorade.

If you have been reading my journal, yall know when I get sick, it always seems to take days to bounce back. Well, this time, it took a little longer. The only person who didn’t get sick was Natlie, and she was scared out of her mind, especially when I got sick because she feltĀ it came from her. After all, she NEVER got sick.

Needless to say, her anxiety came back, and it was at the worse freaking time because last Wednesday, she had a doctor’s appointment for anxiety… and you can guess how that appointment went! Currently, my sweetie is taking anxiety and depression medication. Honestly, I’m just glad she is taking her mental health seriously and taking the steps to find peace.

Thursday of last week, Madison and Mackenzie had EOGs and EOCs, both in math.

This was Mackenzie’s face. LOL!!!

Mackenzie is finished with her testing, but Madison has to take her Spanish EOC test this Thursday.

As of today, Monday, June 5, I am finally almost back to normal. It took me a week to bounce back, but I am here. I told yall, I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I might get under the weather occasionally, but I’ll be back.

Check my vibe!

I’m not going to keep talking. I just wanted to touch base with yall, share and eat some fruit, and tell yall what’s been happening. As always, sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.



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