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Kidney Appointment Update: Health News

Hey yall!! I have some news I want to share with you about my kidneys. As always, I brought us some goodies to share as I do my talking.

It’s a plethora of delicious food. I didn’t know what you may like so I got a little bit of everything!

You know I have been honest and told yall when I have doctor appointments. Well, here is the latest verdict.

If you remember me fussing, I told you I had a point to prove because a nurse at my nephrology center didn’t take my dizziness and lightheadedness seriously. You can read it here.

Well yall, last week I went to give my bloodwork, and something happened. I didn’t get a call back to come in and do more testing. Then I get an email telling me I no longer have protein in my urine.

Fast forward to this week. The nurse wouldn’t tell me my blood pressure at first. She just kept saying it’s excellent—no, Miss Nurse Ma’am. TELL ME! Because I have been dizzy and lightheaded! My blood pressure was 110/70.

I have the pleasure of meeting my nephrologist’s assistant; she is fantastic, I must add. She came into the room smiling and asked me what I had been doing because she had some news for me. Now, I’m sitting up there sweating. I did eat a few french fries yesterday. Did she see that somewhere?

Quick backstory: I have stage 3 kidney failure. I suffer from hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism. No sad faces!!

She sat down and started clicking on the computer, Natlie and I looked at each other. Yall I was NERVOUS. She turns around and tells me that although I am stage 3 CKD, and six months ago, my kidneys were working at 30%, as of yesterday, I’m up to 34% in kidney function. My auto-immune diseases are all stable. I no longer have to get iron infusions, my creatinine levels have reduced from 8% to 2% to 1.4% in one year, and my life expectancy rate went from 7-10 years to I’m no longer on the life expectancy list.

I told her about being lightheaded and dizzy. She told me that I will need to monitor my blood pressure at home because it may be too low. She said if it stays at 100 or lower for a week, I need to call them. Having low blood pressure is just as bad as high blood pressure. I told her I had been drinking coffee with a spoonful of sugar to combat the ailments. She said I might need to come down on my medicines and that I was on the road to success.

Do you know what that means? I will be here for a long time, and now you have to put up with me and all my weirdness. I’m so happy yall; I can’t believe it.

I have to get going but I had to give you the great news. Yall deserve to be happy with me just as much as you listen to me vent.

As always Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!





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