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Last Day Of School

Good morning yall! May I get a drumroll, please?

Today is the Last Day Of School! So far, Madison has passed all her exams, and Mackenzie is ready to go to the 4th. Overall, I feel like the school year was a success, and I am glad it’s over. Let us dance while listening to an epic classic. I call guitars; LET’S ROCK!

You would think the older your children get, the easier it would get to raise them; it doesn’t. I find myself adapting. Well, today, they are adapting to me. Every year I have a ritual. No school on the last day of school, and if you have to go to school, you get picked up early.

When I was younger, my friends would get picked up early, and they would be headed to their summer vacations or just leaving early, and I would beg my mom to let me stay home or get me early. Her idea of getting me early was 1:00 pm. Then one time, she came too early, she arrived at 9:00 am. Ok, we can agree I was being a little complicated. I didn’t know we were playing softball that day. Otherwise, I would have stayed.

For the record, I want to say we didn’t have cell phones in the 1990s as we do now. For those who did, they paid $14.00 a minute, the phone was as big as your arm and fit in a briefcase. 

What do yall have planned for the summer? I had been looking at different places, but covid is on the rise again. With my funky immune system, I’m probably going to keep the family close to home. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to do it and have fun doing it.

Ok yall, I had to do an end-of-school dance with yall. I know I haven’t posted any recipes lately, but I’m getting back on the good foot, promise.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles!


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