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Lift Every Voice – High School Play

Hey yall, I have to tell you some exciting news about Madison; she finally had her play.

A powerful play!

Madison and her schoolmates worked on this play for months, and I must tell yall, it was EPIC!! My baby was so nervous, she thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown, and I was just as nervous as she was.

These are the actors and actresses. They were AMAZING!

Yall know I showed up early, as I always do. A lot of the high schoolers stayed after school on Friday until show time. Madison came home and said she had to get her nerves together. During the school day, she spent half the day in the theater room practicing with Ms. B, the theater coach/director.

About The Play

This play is about a girl name Grace and her friend Amy, who are at odds about the National Anthem and the Black National Anthem. It all started over a text sent over social media, kids at school seeing it, and how what happened in the past plays a big part today. That’s my interpretation.

Do yall want to see my baby on stage? Well, since you asked… give me a second!

Living On The Wild Side

Sooo, I was told during the play NOT to take any photos or videography because it could affect the actors… well, I was a bad girl!!!

I had my phone recording 5 minutes before the play started, waited until the director was out of view, and then recorded my baby. YES, I DID! Listen, this play wasn’t advertised or promoted, no one knew about it, and if it weren’t for Madison having the lead, I wouldn’t have known as much about the play as I did. I feel it is my duty to take photos and record my baby for memories!

Ok yall, I’m going to go, but I wanted to show you what my baby did over the weekend. I’m so proud of her! As always, Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles.



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