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… Another Round!

Hey yall, I know I have been MIA (missing in action) on my blogs, but I needed some time to get myself together. I had a lot of stuff happening, and I couldn’t handle everything thrown at me.

I brought us some goodies to eat while I talked.

How have yall been doing? Are you staying out of trouble? Are you taking your vitamins and drinking water? Be honest… you know I won’t lie to you, so you don’t have to lie to me!

The bad before the good

The last time I even blogged, I was ranting and raving about everything that was happening to me. Well, before I can tell you the good, I have to tell you what else happened.

A boy cut Mackenzie’s hair at school!

Yeap… it happened last Friday, April 21, 2023! The teacher sent me a message via text… let me let yall just read it.

How it started.
How I ended it.

I’m not going to lie, this is the third issue, and I heard she is a great teacher and number one for the grade. Well, why is my daughter always getting attacked? Natlie, Mackenzie, and I went to school and spoke to the assistant principal. Mackenzie didn’t want to leave the class, it was the end of the year, and her friends were in there. So I compromised. I asked for her to have her seat moved and sit alone. So we have a win-win!

Bad Neighbor- Now the quiet neighbor

All is well on the homefront. I have no complaints, and I feel FREE for the first time in over a decade! They built a fence in their front yard that looks tacky, but whatever makes them happy, as long as they leave me the HELL ALONE, I LOVE IT.

Spending Time With Myself

Since the last time I blogged, I just had to stop. I stopped everything in the midst of the storm and just stood still. I couldn’t see what was going on and where things were landing until I got quiet. It took a few days to get my head straight, and I realized I wasn’t doing anything; it was just life.

After that boy cut Mackenzie’s hair, I just needed to check out. I didn’t feel like talking about stuff; I didn’t want to deal with anything; I just wanted to be happy. It took a long time to find my happiness, and I paid a pretty penny for it… not going to let it slip away that easily. So I had to get back to myself and get grounded.

Amazing things happen when you silence the mind and just be.

Guess what happened to me?

I lost 6 lbs.

I am finally losing weight. I am really focusing on getting healthy and although my weight loss journal wasn’t great, I did learn a lot about myself. I don’t beat myself up, and I know I can run circles around 40 percent of my age group, so I feel pretty awesome about myself. Shoutout to cutting grass and yardwork; it keeps me young.

Okay yall, I’m not going to hold yall up. I just had to come by and tell yall what’s been going on. It is always something, and I just needed to vent and celebrate.

As always the Biggest Hugs and the Warmest Smiles.



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