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It Was All About The Booty

Hey yall, how was everyone’s Mother’s Day? I hope you enjoyed yourselves or rested.

Take a bite. Taste good, huh!?!

Guess what I did! I learned how to cook a Pork Shoulder Butt. I’m going to have a new recipe for it. I think I should call it “The Novice Pork Butt Recipe.” Don’t judge me; I’m working on a title.

For the sandwich lovers.

I made pork shoulder butt (pulled pork), homemade coleslaw, and homemade southern baked beans. I even made kabobs for the grill, but it was so freaking cold yesterday that I shut the cookout down before it started. Natlie and I decided to carry out the Mother’s Day Shenanigans for another day to enjoy everything.

So, if you don’t know by now, I am a BIG KID, and I like to have fun. For my Mother’s Day gift, I wasn’t able to use it, and I have to make up for the time lost today. Do you want to see what I got? You can’t ask to hold it or borrow it. I want you to LOOK with your eyes.

No, you can’t have it. It’s MINE!!

It’s a bubble blower that blows hundreds of bubbles. Do you have any idea how much fun I’m about to have? What? Don’t you blow bubbles? Do you like Nerf guns? What about water guns that can have a water pack? Do you at least balloon fight? See, you are not living right! 

I just wanted to share my food and show you my new toy. I’m so excited to play with it. Oh, by the way, I saved yall a few cupcakes. Get a napkin!

Vanilla Icing and Vanilla Cake

Ok, yall, as always, big hugs and warm smiles.



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