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My Personal Journey: 6 Months and More

Hey yall!! How have yall been, and what have you been up to? Are you taking care of yourselves? I hope so!

I brought us some fruit this time. I hope you like it!

As for me, a lot has changed, but at the same time, nothing at all. If yall remember, I told yall I was doing better with my health, and I’m not on the life expectancy list anymore. Everything is different for me because my purposes in life have changed.

For quite a few years, I have made it a point to make the most of my memories with my family because I knew one day I wouldn’t. I used to accept bad treatment from people because I thought I had to! I felt I didn’t deserve certain things because I wouldn’t be around long enough to enjoy them.

Well, I don’t feel like that anymore.

During these few years of Covid and going through life and death situations, I learned a lot about myself. I learned I’m not as weak as I thought. I realized that people could be around you and really not care about you. They can want pieces of you but not cherish you. I learned people are more beneficial than being official. I learned to be my own hero.

Well, now I don’t have to fight anymore. I know where many people stand with me, and I don’t have to fight for a place in anyone’s life. I don’t have to worry about my children not having me around or making memories so they can remember the good times. I’m at a place where I can finally breathe.

I finally finished my last doctor’s appointment last week, for six months. I’m so happy to have some breathing room, and I can focus more on my health and not worry about getting stuck with needles.

Guess what? Since my autoimmune diseases are stable and my kidney is improving, my body doesn’t hurt anymore. I can work out for up to an hour, and I don’t get cramps in my legs and body like I used to. I know, pretty epic! I still have issues with my heat and cold intolerances, but I am willing to pay that small price to be able to move like my old self. Maybe one day in the fall we can go camping and do a small hike!? Never say never!

I love camping! I love being barefoot and letting the sun hit my face!

I also have been on a little rogue behavior since I got a second chance at life. I went to Dave and Buster’s. I went out for pizza and sat in the restaurant. I actually went out quite a few times and sat down and ate. Yes, I Did!! I even walked around without a mask on once, and I felt FREE! I have been going to different parks in my city to check out new scenery, and I even went to the ice cream parlor and ate ice cream.

Check out the ice cream choices!
This is a brownie sundae with cookie dough pieces and walnuts. OMG, it was so good. Natlie and I shared, and can you believe this was small?

I feel like I have been living the high life and quickly checking things off my bucket list. My bucket list may not be elaborate as some, but it’s mine! I’m taking baby steps!

Ok, yall, I wanted to tell you what I’ve been up to and to let you know I had yall on my mind. As always sending you Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.







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