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New Look, Same Me

One week and a lot can change…

I know I haven’t been blogging as I should, but I had a little dilemma. Doctors appointments are the new norm, but I had to go somewhere new.


It made you shiver, too. Knowing I would have air blown in my eye gave me heart palpations. I tried to hold off going, but I couldn’t any longer.

I won’t lie, I couldn’t blog as I wanted, and all the letters were blurry and running together. I had to wait until my glasses were ready. I knew I needed to go when I was trying to type, and all my letters looked like this:

miixxiinng thheee sppiiiicccee!

 What is that?? Somebody tell me something. Those words aren’t real!!!

It took about a week from the eye appointment to getting my glasses, but I am back with a new look, but I’m still the same person. Are you ready to see Ivey with glasses on? Drum roll, please.

Yesterday afternoon I was running errands.

For the first time in a long time, I can see. I have been testing out my glasses, reading medicine bottles, Lysol ingredients, road signs, and looking at insects on the ground. I feel like I am seeing a whole new world.

I have so much to get caught up with. Did yall know Mother’s Day is coming up? What are your plans? I have a new green bean casserole I need to tell yall about. Just wait for it.

Ok, I’m not going to talk your head off any longer, but I had to show you my new look and explain the brief hiccup. Please get your eyes checked; it is essential.

As always, big hugs and warm smiles!






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