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New Year, New Possibilities

Hey yall, how has your holiday season been treating you? I know it is a week after New Year, but it is still the holidays for me. I don’t get out the jolly feelings until mid-January. My adrenaline seems to be still pumping from all the holiday activities, and for the first few weeks of January, when things go back to normal, I get some downtime. SAHMs understand holidays are hectic for us.

I brought us some holiday goodies to snack on while I tell you what’s been going on.

This is nice, and everyone can pick something they like.
Bullies are REal

Monday, December 19, 2022, was Mackenzie’s last day of school before Christmas break. She was excited because they had a pajama day and were supposed to watch the Polar Express.

By 10 am, I got a message from her school saying Mackenzie was almost stabbed and cut by a little boy in her class. Can you imagine a message like that? I called back and found out that Mackenzie had been getting bullied for a while by this little boy, and she said things came to a head when the teacher went to set up the movie for the class.

She said he took out a pencil and his scissors, turned to her, said he didn’t like her, and tried to stab and cut her. She said she told him to stop, jumped up, and ran to the teacher. I asked her where she was, and she calmed down next door to the guidance counselor’s office. I asked her why she didn’t tell me she was being bullied, and she said it had never gotten this bad before, and she always took care of it.

When January 3, 2023, came, she was too nervous about going to school, so I let her stay home that day but contacted the school. The principal contacted us, and the teacher contacted us… long story short, everything is ok. Mackenzie went back to school that Wednesday, and everything was lovely.

Doctor appointment

I didn’t go on December 21. I know when I set that appointment, I was lying. Listen, go ahead and fuss; the way I ate fruit cake and sipped eggnog, I knew my vitals would be screwed, and I didn’t need to see that negativity in my life. JUDGE ME!! I rescheduled for January 12.

Christmas Time

Once Phatty (Mackenzie) was home from school, we started getting ready for Santa. We started cleaning up the house and adding the finishing touches to the house. I made sure to play different Christmas music so they would stay in the Christmas spirit.

This year, Christmas outside the house was a little off. I didn’t see a lot of Christmas decorations, and people were nasty and mean. I had cars speeding up on me and blowing their horn because I wouldn’t go through red lights. I almost lost it a few times, but I caught myself. I had to remind myself it was the holidays, and there were Krampus and Scrooges EVERYWHERE!!

I woke up early on Christmas Eve, as usual, but I was on a mission this time! Baking cookies for Santa and the girls. When my mom passed, I made my own tradition to always get up in the wee hours of the morning and start baking my desserts.

I feel that Natlie and the girls feel cozy in the bed, smelling the sweet smell of chocolate cookies baking. It makes me feel good inside, and I can be in the cooking spirit. I had my Temptations Christmas playing and was in my zone.

By 9 am, I had already cooked and shoved pieces of cookies into Natlie and the girls’ mouths. You should have seen the big old brown eyes looking back at me. I had to giggle.

Santa finally showed up by 11:45-12:00 am that night.


Natlie and Santa had a good old time drinking eggnog. Before he left, he tried all my cookies and took a box for Mrs. Santa.

Monday, December 26, Jay, Madison’s friend, came and stayed until Friday, December 30. We had a grand time with her. The girls pretty much rested and roasted marshmallows on the firepit.

But somehow, Madison got sick the day Jay went home. She ate a few jolly ranchers, and her throat was swollen the next morning. Then she had this hoarse voice thing going on. She is better now, but she has sworn off jolly ranchers for the rest of her life.

New Years

We stayed up late on New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year. Why Natlie passed out on me by 5 am? I was getting my second wind. I had found us a horror movie, and I had just finished cooking breakfast; she took a bite of those breakfast potatoes, and it must have hit the spot because 10 minutes into the movie, she was snoring louder than the tv.  I can’t complain because she had to work on New Year’s Day. I already had my crockpot cooking; I had my collards and hopping john simmering. By 11 am, everything was ready.

Ok, yall, I have talked your head off. I have so much more to tell you, but I will wait for next time. I hope the New Year has started off nicely for yall. As always, I am sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.






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