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Return from the Beyond: A True Ghost Story!

Hey yall, I told you I had some stuff going on lately. If any of you remember, my college sweetheart passed away last year, and I was having some otherworldly things happening to me. Well, it never stopped. Nope, it is safe to say, we have a “spirit member” of the family. You can read the story here.

I haven’t been completely honest with yall… he isn’t just my college sweetheart; he is also Mackenzie’s dad. Yeap… and after researching spirits and the afterlife, some have unfinished business, and some want to watch their children and loved ones grow up. Some even are angry. For me, it’s unfinished business and Mackenzie!!

Life with a Spirit

In all honesty, it is like living with family. He is a funny little character. He hates when the lightbulbs go out. He makes the lightbulb work if we don’t change it in a few days!

With Luke and I having unfinished business, we have had a lot of arguments, but we also have made a lot of peace. Sometimes Luke pisses me off, though, and our last argument was so bad I kicked him out of the house. He made the fire trucks show up and knocked out the power in the office and the bedroom! Now, Natlie and I have to call Michael and Son to come out so they can fix a faulty outlet!

The above video is from June 24, 2023. If I didn’t have CPI, I wouldn’t believe it myself. Look at him making CPI go off. In all honesty, I felt he was like, you can kick me out, but I’m still going to be RIGHT HERE!

So that next morning I went off on him. Listen, he made me so mad with this little parlor trick… I’m trying to tell you I told him how I felt every which way but on Sunday! So he turned into an ass, manipulated the CPI, and made the fire trucks appear!

The video above is from June 29, 2023. Yes, he sent the damn firefighters to the house. Look at the lights all over the place like it’s a SWAT Team!

After he pulled that damn stunt, I went wild! Yes, I did! I mean you can only do so much to a spirit. I mean, he Mackenzie daddy, I don’t want to hurt him… but he needs to understand how I feel and to listen to me. To hear what I’m saying. I told him I needed some space and he needed to take some time for him!

The above video is on July 9, 2023. I guess he gave me enough space because he decided to bring a friend. I told them to get off my damn porch and stop playing with my damn door camera. I told him I was still upset and didn’t care about his friends; they could get it too! They left!

The above video is on July 20, 2023. He gave me a few weeks to get my head right, but I was still upset because I felt he was showing me he would pop up regardless, and he made me think he was throwing his weight around. So, we got into it again. Yes, we did. I told him I was tired of him playing with my doorbell camera, and I told him I was tired of him going and bringing his friends… I even felt he was conversing with my mama and them. So after I talked, he went away.

Guess what… he tried me!

The video above is from July 22, 2023, and it started at 3:44 am and lasted until the sun came up.

After watching him cut up, I went downstairs, opened the door, and told him to come in! Yes, I did! I know it is Luke, so I’m not afraid. Honestly, I’m more fearful of humans than I am of spirits. Humans have hurt me far more than any spirit has!

Once he came in, everything just settled down. It just felt like the calm after an argument, and you and a friend or loved one are trying to make up, and you don’t want to mess this up. That is what it felt like.

The last video above is on July 31, 2023. He returned with his friends, and I just said hello this time. I told them they could hang on the porch, provided they didn’t make CPI go off, and after I said it, they never made it go off again! I checked periodically through the night to see if they were still hanging out, and they were. I thanked them for being polite, and I went to bed.

The future

What will the future hold? Honestly, I don’t know. I think I will continue to coexist with Luke and make the most of this thing called life. I mean, the government just said aliens existed. We are living with them, so I don’t see anything wrong with living with someone I knew in the flesh. Judge Me!  

Living with a spirit is definitely an experience, and I am grateful for it. It has taught me so much about life and death, and I am so thankful I can keep my college sweetheart’s memory alive through this experience. It has also taught me to be less afraid of death and appreciate life’s small things. I am also grateful that Mackenzie has a “cultural guardian,” a spirit that watches over her and offers a spiritual connection that will be passed down through the generations. Despite its challenges, I believe it was well worth it for the knowledge I have gained and the memories I have made. With so many books I have read as of late, the best quote so far, as Robert Frost said, “In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Ok yall, I’m not going to hold yall up! As always, Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles.



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