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September: A Month of Hacking

Hey yall, a lot has been going on, and I haven’t been able to blog like I wanted to. My social media and phone got hacked. I have been dealing with changing passwords and getting my pages in order. There has been so much other stuff going on as well. I was trying to give you different posts to explain, but with the hacking and changing passwords and life, time got away from me.

The Hacking Conspiracy

I am still going to do a series of posts, but I have to vent about this hacking mess. I believe when Madison was using my phone, she may have clicked on an affected link.

One day, when she was using my phone, all of a sudden, she came in and said the thumbprint wouldn’t work. It had a message saying it would give it another try in a minute. Well, I tried the thumbprint, didn’t verify me and said we had to wait five minutes. The thing about the thumbprint is I have Madison, Natlie, and me saved for the thumbprint, so…

I really didn’t think too much about it. Next thing you know, Madison’s Step card got hacked, and she is paying for movies in Alabama!  Then, my debit card is accessed in Louisana for movie tickets and concession stand snacks and then used in California for Lyft. Next thing I know, my social media accounts are being hacked, and the grand finale…

My DAMN iPhone got hacked.

When I tell you I was mad, that would be an understatement. Do you know why? Because this all happened all around my birthday. I have spent the better part of my Birthday Month changing passwords and getting a new card, and we got Madison a new cell phone.

When you want to make your password strong, so you create a NEW LANGUAGE!

Let me tell you why we got her a cell phone… even though she breaks them every six months. Sidenote: That’s why she didn’t have one this previous time; she broke it. She said it fell off the bed! Not never have my phone fallen and just died, never to cut on again. But that’s beside the point!  She clicked on a few links in her email that probably were bad. But she did it on my phone! Next time she forgets about a link, it will be her phone hacked, not mine.

Let her use your phone if you feel any type of way. Do you know how many passwords you have? Get hacked and have to change them. SMH!!!

One email said her iPhone was due for an upgrade. Madison had an android. Another email said her bank account was compromised… she doesn’t have one. Not only did she click on these sites, she was putting in her information so they could verify her account.  She felt they were legit because they were REAL COMPANIES when she checked the number. She said she thought the iPhone message was real because she used to have one.

Natlie and I had a long talk with her and Mackenzie. Natlie had to explain that a lot of fraud was happening. Some hackers were using fake banks and to not click on any links or emails that they knew they had never used. We even had to show them YouTube videos so they could see how the news was warning people.

Next thing you know, an iPhone message a few days after my phone got hacked to update my phone due to hacking.

Long story short, yall I was going through it. Over a damn phone! Please be careful!

  • Don’t click on any links that you don’t know.
  • Don’t click on any pictures in a link.
  • Don’t let your kids check their emails on your phone
  • Don’t put in any information.
  • Be careful when checking phone numbers; hackers are getting smarter every day. They will use the same number as the company.
  • Make strong passwords

Okay yall, I’m not going to hold you up. Had to tell you what’s been going on. Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles.








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