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Sound The ALARM: Stomach Bug

Stop the Press, Call 911, send a smoke signal, wait a minute Mr.Post Man.. this is not a drill! A stomach bug swept through the house, and I am warning EVERYONE to be on the lookout.

Listen, If you have a family of four, it will take one week to go through the entire house. You can’t prepare for it. All you can do is stay up on your vitamins, boost your immune system, and hope you don’t get it.

The symptoms
  • runny nose/ stuffy nose
  • fever 100 -104
  • chills and sweats
  • headache
  • extreme fatigue
  • muscle aches and pains, especially in the legs
  • earache
  • sleepiness
  • cough
  • nausea/ vomiting
  • brain fog
  • itchy dry throat
The Timeline

 I can give you a breakdown of how it moves through the house. All four family members in the course of a week.

Monday – Madison complained of a headache after school. She told me she was ok until lunch. Lunch is around 11:20 am. She came home and went to bed. By 9:00 pm, she had a fever of 104.

Tuesday – Madison had a fever all day, body aches, headache, nausea, fatigue, chills, and sweats.

Wednesday – Madison is feeling better but now has a cough. She is still tired, but she has no fever, no chills, and she is 90 percent better. Now, I start having a headache. I started feeling tired. I don’t think anything about it.

Thursday – All Hell Broke Loose!! I woke up at 2 am, and I’m sick as a dog. I can’t hold anything down. My head is killing me, and my body hurts so badly I can’t stand it. By 6 am, I’m in bed for good.

Madison goes to school, and she just has this exhausted feeling.

Mackenzie goes to school only to be sent back home.. look at this.

Mackenzie had to get tested for Covid.

Natlie had to get Phatty from school, and when we got this Isolation Notice, she took her back to school to get tested. She DOES NOT have Covid. Yay US!!

Mackenzie slept all Thursday.

Friday – I wake up with the worse headache and body aches. Phatty is doing ok, but she said she just wanted to rest. I kept her hydrated with Gatorade.

Saturday – Natlie woke up sick. She popped a lot of echinacea and Vitamins, but she already caught what we had. She was in bed for the rest of the day. She had a lot of chills and sweat episodes.

Phatty and I started to feel better. For some reason, we developed a slight cough, like Madison.

Sunday – Phatty is back to normal, but I still have bouts of nausea and an upset stomach. I blame the immune suppression medication for my issues. It’s a little harder for me to bounce back, but I am doing better. Natlie is in the thick of that stomach bug at this point. All she wants to do is sleep. She says when she sleeps, it doesn’t hurt.

Yesterday/ Monday – Natlie is feeling a little better, but it’s not leaving as fast as it did with the girls. She is exhausted, and she feels like her body feels like lead. She had to take off work. Her head hurts, and she doesn’t have an appetite.

Today/ Tuesday – Everyone is back to their regular schedules, but everyone isn’t bouncing back to the total energy. I don’t know why but you feel tired. For me, I still feel like I have a little body aches still lingering. Not holding down food or liquid isn’t helping, but I am trying to keep ice around me. I can’t afford for my kidneys to take a hit.

Natlie, it’s her eyes. She is pushing herself, but she needs another day to rest.

Madison – she says each day gets better and more manageable, but you have to keep going. She said her legs are always heavy now, and she has an aggravating cough. She said if you cough more than two times in class, people want to give you the Death Stare. LOL! I shouldn’t laugh so hard.

Mackenzie is perfectly fine. out of all of us, the youngest bounced back and is happy-go-lucky.

Ok yall, I had to give yall a heads up. I don’t know what’s brewing around the world; if it is in the schools or workplaces, just know it’s something lurking out there, and it’s not Covid, but it will make you get tested for it.

I want you to protect yourselves. Get your vitamins, and eat your fruit. I thought I was dying, and I don’t want you to go through what we had to.  As always, I’m sending you some Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.


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