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The Kidney Chronicles: The Beat Goes On!

Hey yall, it has been a long time since I spoke about doctor visits and any health issues, but I have some news for you. Recently, I found out I am stage four kidney failure. If you have been reading my personal journal, I decided to do a 10-week weight loss journey! Well, let’s just say it didn’t go as expected. At that time no one told me my kidneys took another hit, I just knew I didn’t feel good. They went from 32% down to 25%.

Well since then, I have a new family doctor who is amazing and I still have my favorite nephrologist. Due to my autoimmune diseases playing a role in a lot of my health issues as well, I am on iron pills and vitamin D supplements, everyday vitamins, and I drink alkaline water. Doing all those things has cause my creatinine levels to go back to normal. The downside is I had to have my blood pressure medicine increased due to the kidney acting up. I am starting to handle the side effects better but for about a week I was dizzy and lightheaded!

I have started a new exercise regime to help keep my energy up, and it also helps to fight the side effects of the medication. Believe it or not, today is the first day I am starting to feel like my old self. When I take the medicine, I feel tired and sluggish, I feel like I’m a rollercoaster ride, and a carousel at the same time. Besides those side effects I feel like nothing is wrong with me.

I am taking practical steps to maintain my overall health which in turn is helping to manage the impacts of my kidney disease. I have made lifestyle changes such as exercising, taking vitamins and supplements, and drinking alkaline water which have allowed me to feel like my old self again. Having the right support system such as a family doctor and gathering knowledge about the treatments available is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. As my story shows, with the right advice and dedication you can make a positive impact on your health no matter the situation. So, take care of yourself, get the right help, and get more informed about your health. Afterall, your health is in your hands.

I need a few more days to get use to this medicine, but I wanted to let yall know what’s been going on. I have some more recipes I want to share with you, we need to get ready for autumn of course, and start getting the firewood ready for the firepit! Maybe have us a bonfire before it gets too cold! Just bear with me, but I promise I will be back before you know it! As always sending Big Hugs and the Warmest Smiles!


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