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Tis the Season: I Missed Yall

Hey yall! I know it has been a long time since I posted and I have not been consistent with my blogs as I said I would. Yall life has been a little chaotic, but I still care and miss you all just the same.

First, let me bring some goodies and then we can have a good old talk like I used to!

I have hot cocoa with marshmallows. Do you like gingerbread cookies? I hope so!

So before I begin, how have yall been doing? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat enough? Are you getting ready for the Christmas holiday? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, are you getting ready for any of the other holidays during December? I’m trying to get ready, but the girls are keeping me on my toes. Let me get yall caught up with everything.

The Leaking Ceiling

The last time I remember, I told yall we were waiting for the ceiling to get fixed. Well, it finally did, and it looks great.

I don’t know if I told yall, but the solar company left a water bottle on the roof of my house. Why did it take until November 21, 2022, to get the bottle off? I kept calling them and kept calling them until it was removed. That was a freaking month of trash on my roof… but when I got mad, the solar company said when I called, I was EMOTIONAL! You are DAMN right. I was emotional, so emotional I showed up at the office and spoke to someone.

I don’t play that phone warrior mess. I expect to be treated as a loyal customer the same way you LOYALLY TAKE MY MONEY EACH MONTH! It doesn’t cost anything to be respectful, especially in business. Needless to say, everything is back to order, and everyone is happy. I didn’t go off and be unpleasant, but I did want them to see the face behind the phone call. I feel like because I am a woman and I am friendly, my kindness is taken as a weakness. 

Thanksgiving Holiday

I started my Thanksgiving that Tuesday, November 22, and boy, was I busy. I had to get my veggies cut and prepared, my slow-cookers washed and ready, and the house was in uproar.

The girls, Madison and Mackenzie, were so excited. I was up in the wee hours of Wednesday morning cooking and cleaning, enjoying myself. When I was younger, I used to cook with my mom in the early mornings getting the greens and pintos ready. Man, let me tell you… we would have a pot of coffee on the stove, and she would have The Temptations Christmas Album playing on the record player.. nostalgic!

Before I knew it yall, I had my collards going, pintos slow-cooking, pies cooling, and my potatoes boiling. Yall I was on a roll. The girls helped quite a bit, and by Thanksgiving, everything was ready by 11:00 am.

It’s always the same great food, just a different year! Thanksgiving 2019

We had a few family members over, friends that turned into family!! Always remember, Family is NOT where you come from; it’s what you make it!

Madison Started Drivers Education

Can I get a round of applause for my oldest starting driving school? Not for her, for me! I had to sign her up and then spring the news at dinner. Smh… she refused to drive. She said they have Lyft and Uber.

Madison completed the class portion, but we are waiting on the driving course. Due to a shortage of driving teachers, we have to wait. I don’t know how long, but the instructor will let us know. Madison asked a friend how long she waited to drive, and let us say she took the class part in the summer, and she just started driving at the beginning of December!

New Doctor appointment

I haven’t been feeling too hot in the past few weeks. I think my thyroid medicine may be too high. Yay, for the great strides and needing my medicine reduced; Nay for the way I feel. Been having headaches and muscle aches; I’m tired, and my body is just acting funny. I notice when I take my thyroid medicine… yall I feel funky.

I will be going to an Internal Medicine Doctor on December 21, 2022. I love my Family Doctor, but I need someone who has a little more experience with my hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism.

Santa is coming

Guess who is coming on December 24… Santa, of course. Regardless of how I have been feeling, I have been getting the house ready for Santa. The girls have really helped me get things going and even did the tree.

She is a beauty! She needs some presents under there, and then she is ready for Santa!

With them back in school, they have been going to different social functions, and with the Christmas holiday here, they have been invited EVERYWHERE. Going to movies, dances, and birthday parties, I realize I am just the driver. But that’s ok; I’m glad they have a life. I remember when I was young, my mom used to take me to be with my friends. I thought I was so cool. How awesome to go to the mall with my friends, and my mom isn’t around. Epic!

I have started some of my Christmas shopping, but everything costs so much. It doesn’t seem like Christmas, and I don’t know why but things feel off. It doesn’t seem surprising with everything going on in the news. I try not to talk about religion or politics, but my heart goes to Ukraine.

Okay yall, I was about to get really longwinded, but I’m not gonna keep yall any longer than I should. I just missed yall and wanted to fill you in on what I have been up to.

As always, sending Big Hugs and Warm Smiles!






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