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Two Tales of Horror: Chocolate Bunnies and 420

How was your Easter? Did you do anything fun or did you relax and just take it easy? I must tell you of my newest adventure but I feel it was more of a horror story… for me! I like to call it the Two Tales of Horror. It’s all fun and games until you are in a situation you can’t get out of.

Before I tell you my horror stories, I cooked up a delicious meal of slow-cooked roast with gravy, dressing, fried cabbage, green bean casserole, and potato salad.

The family really enjoyed the dinner, I actually chose to ignore my plate and eat sweets instead. This brings me to the horror of my adventure…

Chocolate bunnies

Easter weekend was supposed to be filled with egg hunts and dyed eggs. I should have known something going to be off when I couldn’t differentiate the dye tablets. We ended up with so many cups of the same color. I wasted my vinegar on colors yall that we didn’t need, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to make the orange dye work for the eggs.

We bought two boxes of dye and all we received was one yellow, the orange colors looked red. One box had more tablets than the other, you can clearly tell who the overachiever was.

Whoever packaged that box went above and beyond, I even received a yellow. That other box I think they were about to quit and just gave me whatever. You see the photo above, that is what I got. SMH, can I really be upset if I paid $.75?

But then the plot thickens, and the Easter bunny showed up with all these goodies. I had my eye on this one chocolate bunny and I was waiting for my moment to attack. I feel it is important to add I don’t eat sweets too often. It makes my tummy feel funky.

Have you ever put yourself in a situation knowing you may or may not come out the same? For example, drinking heavy a night before a presentation or BIG EVENT? Yeap, I did the same thing!

I let the Easter Bunny set up the presentation, I added the Easter eggs around the table, adding my two cents. Do you see those chocolate bunnies by the big suckers? One of those became my victim! That bunny didn’t know what ate him. I started with his ears so he couldn’t hear me coming. Then I took his eyes next because he looked at me in crude judgment. At the time I felt like I beat the battle and won the war.

I ate the ENTIRE bunny on a stomach of nothing but my daily medicine and coffee. SMH, this is when it became a horror show. Not even 20 minutes later, my stomach started rocking and rolling, I was sick. I don’t want to get into any grave details but let’s just say the Exorcist had nothing on me.

I didn’t recuperate quickly either. Oh no, I didn’t get better until Tuesday night. That chocolate bunny made me so nauseous I couldn’t even hold down water. I was CHOCOLATE WASTED. The worse hangover of my life.

Somewhere between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, my body was back to normal.

420: Smokers delight

Do yall celebrate 420? Do you know what 420 is? If you don’t click here.

I actually didn’t do anything this year for 420. Usually, Natlie and I will have a mini 420 party and just enjoy ourselves. The pictures below are from last year, 2021. We had a ball just looking at the tv and just enjoying each other’s company.

But this year the horror was we did nothing.

We ordered some subs from Firehouse Subs and just laid in bed. She has been out of work due to her wisdom teeth surgery, so we decided to just lay around. She had to go to bed early due to her going back to work today.

You know how it is when you have to get back into the groove of things.

What do you think of my Easter shenanigans? I know, I knew better and I should be ashamed. But, can I at least say the chocolate bunny tasted so good and the chocolate was creamy with a Nestle crunch. Yes, It Did!! That’s how I  ended up eating it all. I haven’t had a Nestle Crunch Bar in years, it took me back to being a kid again.

Ok, everyone, I just wanted to tell you of my latest adventure. All over a chocolate bunny.

As always sending big hugs. Keep smiling.




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