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Ultimate Earache Relief

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a SAHM( Stay at home mom) who shares her home remedies. 

This earache remedy is not for the faint of heart. I will be honest and tell you the truth, I was already in a lot of pain and the first day was horrible. The saying it gets worse before it gets better fits this remedy. I cried a lot and don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

My pain level was a 20 on a scale from 1-10. I was afraid I would have to go to the hospital; it hurt so bad. My symptoms were:

  • clogged ear
  • severe ear pain
  • drainage at times
  • pain that went into my jaw
  • swimmers ear
  • painful ear popping

My ears were so clogged I couldn’t even hear anything, and I couldn’t eat because I couldn’t close my mouth. I never had ear pain so bad it affected my jaw.

The remedy

What you need:

Day 1
  • Take pain relievers soon as possible.
  • Wait at least 1 hour before doing anything after you take the pain relievers.
  • Put 5 drops of the mullein garlic drops in your ear, and keep your head tilted for at least 5 minutes. Do this 4 times a day. IT MAY BE PAINFUL! Just breathe for me. 
  • put the cotton ball in your ear, and keep your ear covered
  • get your hot water bottle, cover it with a pillowcase and lay your ear on it. Try and let the heat get around the ear. Keep the hot water bottle on your ear for at least 45 minutes. If it’s too painful to lay down, sit up and prop the water bottle on your shoulder. If you have a heated blanket, use that instead. I used a hot water bottle!
  • Take a Benadryl after 2 hours. Listen to me… that Benadryl will start unclogging your ear, and it may pop. Yall it hurts. But if you trust the process, I promise it will get better.
  • Stay up on your painkillers. Every 7-8 hours, take a Tylenol.

Keep your ear covered with cotton balls. I used a sweatband to keep my cotton ball from falling out.

Day 2
  • Repeat steps from Day 1
  • Start massaging your ear lobes and the side of your face. Do this after you add the drops to the ears. For me, it helped get the drops around my clogged areas. DO NOT PUSH HARD.

Day 2 may be a little rougher for you. my ears were so clogged. It sounded like fiberglass was breaking in my ears. I had a lot of painful popping, then clogged ears, then felt draining, then clogged ears again. These are the moments you realize the saying it gets worse before it gets better.

Day 3

You will notice the pain is gone, but if you suffer from clogged ears, they seem to pop a lot but are not painful and sound like glass breaking. That’s a great thing.

Listen to me. Your ears will start to itch so bad on the inside you will want to scratch or take something and scratch, DON’T DO IT!!! I did it, and my ears were throbbing and aching so bad that I cried like a baby. Yes, I was crazy to do it, but I couldn’t help it. Please don’t be me.

If your ears are itching, just put 3-4 drops of Mullein Garlic Drops in your ear, and massage your ear on the outside where it itches. You will feel the oil going to the area, and the itching stops. 

Day 4
Day 5 – Day 7
  • Repeat steps from Day 4

I hope this home remedy is helpful for you as it was for me. After a week, your ears will feel so much better. I am 100 percent back to my old self, with no earache pain, no clogged ears, and no itching.

Good luck to you!

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