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Upholstery Furniture Cleaning

Have you ever cleaned your home and started to see spots on your furniture you NEVER SAW?

I have an easy to use, go to guide on cleaning your furniture. All you need is, determination, patience, elbow grease, and a positive outlook.

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Different Fabrics Call for Different Measures.

Tip: Vacuum your furniture, you would be surprised the stains that come up. 


  • Pigmented – more resistant to water soluble spills and stains
  • Aniline dyed – soft and exceptionally porous to all water-soluble stains.

Vacuum the furniture. If it is pigmented, just wipe and let air dry. Aniline dyed will need professional cleaning.


Tip: After vacuuming, I use carpet cleaner, take a white cloth and scrub. Let the carpet cleaner sit for 1 hour, and vacuum.

  • Depending on how deep soiled the stain is depends on the sitting process. I have a 8-year-old and a 15-year-old. It is a mess fest. VACUUM FIRST!!!!
  • Get a cheap vacuum spray and spray the area, rub and scrub with a white cloth. The white cloth isn’t dyed, so you do not worry about the fabric being dyed.
  • Vacuum and if needed repeat.

Be sure to clean under cushions and its best to spray the ENTIRE piece of furniture. You will be amazed how the carpet cleaning will dissolve many stains.


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