My Weight Loss Journal (CLOSED)

Week Two Weight Loss Check-In

Hey yall, this has been a crazy week for weight loss, and I didn’t do good. Go ahead and fuss!!

Here are my results:

I gained a pound!

Here are my Sweatcoin Steps:

I know I haven’t been walking 7000 steps a day.
My Weekly Summary

Truthfully, I started this week doing well with my diet and exercise.

Tuesday, I got into a situation and decided to eat cookies and drink vodka. Being COMPLETELY HONEST!

Wednesday, I was recovering from being vodka and cookie wasted.

Thursday, I exercised but went out to eat. Yes, I Did. I ate wings, burgers, salad, onion rings, french fries… I was so happy!

Friday – I’m a woman, and once a month, Aunt Flo likes to pay a visit. WELL, SHE SHOWED UP!

Saturday… I gained that pound, and I said I wouldn’t beat myself up. I did what I did, and I have to get back on the good foot.

Weekly summary

I can sit here and write about how I should have done better and how I know that I should do certain things, but for once, I’m going to say


Yes, I gained a pound, but I WILL do better tomorrow. I had a few mishaps, and I see what it cost me. I know I have an event in a month; if it is essential, I will have to do better.

I hope to regain my composure for the upcoming week, NOT allowing outside forces to cause me to backslide. I need to stay focused and continue drinking a gallon of water daily. Keep up with my fruits and veggies and watch my protein intake.

Ok yall, I hope you have an amazing week.

I would love the company if you would like to join me on my walking journey. Just Click Here, and you can keep up your walking with me.

Big Hugs and Warm Smiles


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