My Weight Loss Journal (CLOSED)

Week 3 Weight Loss Check-In

Hey yall, how have yall been doing since last week? Not going to beat around the bush, but here are my weekly results!

I don’t care what the scale says; my clothes are begging the difference!! I need to invest in a full-length mirror so we can start seeing the result on paper, buddy! Please work with me. I’m new at this!

Looking at the scale, I know it looks like I haven’t done anything, but I have lost inches in my waist, actually all over, but I’m focusing on my mid-section! Here is my weekly diet:


Every day I had oatmeal with frozen fruit for breakfast.

I have different varieties of fruits. I love peaches, bananas, and kiwis. There are so many different frozen fruits to choose from.

For lunch, I had veggies. Tomatoes, onions, cucumbers! I did veggie fajitas without the wrap. I made tuna salad with just lettuce, cucumbers, tuna, balsamic vinegarette, parmesan cheese—Bell peppers, and onions with rice and mushrooms.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but this veggie dish is fantastic—cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, balsamic vinegarette and parmesan cheese.

For dinner, I had baked chicken A LOT, baked veggies, and twice a 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes or rice.

Every day I have a gallon of water. I use different fruits and herbs to spruce up the flavor. I love ginger, lemon, lime, apples, cinnamon, a splash of nutmeg, pineapples, and cucumber; the list goes on.

What did you eat? Be honest. The scale won’t lie!
  • I had fast food… McDonald’s! Natlie and I shared a two-cheeseburger combo large with a Sprite on Wednesday!
  • Yesterday I had two pieces of pizza and a cup of soda!

I did it… I’m NOT THAT STRONG. You think you will eat a burger in front of me and THINK I’m not going to take a bite? You out your rabid-ass mind! Let’s talk about it, she had the burger, and it looked good, and I wanted a bite… so I took the other burger. JUDGE ME!

Let’s not focus on the negative. Let’s talk about my blood pressure. It is now down to 140/87! Wait a minute, stop the press. Let us dance, please:


Weekly Summary

I don’t have anything to complain about, the clothes I wanted to get into, I actually can get into them! Now, I need to set another goal. Sunday, I want to be 243!

See, the thing is, I don’t look at the scale and focus on a number. I used to, but when I exercise, and my clothes fit one way but the scale leaning to the right makes me want to buy clothes and focus on getting into them instead. I feel like the scale is playing with my emotions.

Natlie says when you start to lose fat and tone up, the scale may not change much, but you will see it on the person. She said you have to take into account weightlifting. Muscle weighs more than fat. She also told me it doesn’t help my cheat day is the day before my weigh-in.

She is correct, but don’t tell her I said that.

Ok yall, I’m going to do a mid-morning workout. Yes, I am doing two workouts a day. It helps me get those 5000 steps in, and I feel motivated when I see how my clothes are starting to look on me.

I feel good about myself.

As always sending you Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.


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