My Weight Loss Journal (CLOSED)

Week 4 Weight Loss Check-In

Hey yall, it is another week, and it is time to show my results.

I did it! I made my goal, and I am so happy!

Y’all, I worked my butt off this week. Yes, I did. I got a plan together, stuck to it, and achieved my goal! Here are the steps I collected for the week.

Some days I did better than others. I forgot to have my phone on me a few times, but that’s ok!

Now, for the pictures… this is me in all my glory. First, don’t laugh at my hair bonnet or how homely I look. This is week 4, I don’t think I should look sexy for you at 7:00 am. You suppose to appreciate me as I am!

Yeah… that’s me! Can we say I look pretty ready for my morning workout?

Weekly Summary

This past week, I made drastic changes for myself.

  • I count calories and look at the carbs, sodium, and sugar on my labels.
  • I exercise 2 to 3 times a day now. I do it while looking at the tv or listening to music.
  • I make sure I have my biggest meal before 3 pm. It allows me to have time to exercise later in the day, and I am full for the remainder of the day. So my dinner is usually frozen fruit with yogurt or a salad.
  • I drink a gallon of water daily and make sure to have water with all my meals.
  • I eat more fruit and vegetables than meat. It helps with my digestion, and my workouts are more manageable.
New Goals
  • Next week, I want to lose 2 pounds.
  • I want to walk a minimum of 6000 steps
  • I want to start planking.

When I started this weight loss journal, I only had it in mind for a few weeks, but because I can see the result, I want to push myself to see how far I can go. So I have a new deadline. I want to continue with my weight loss journal until June 8.

Ok yall, I have to get going but as always, Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.


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