My Weight Loss Journal (CLOSED)

Week 6 Weight Loss Check-In

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Hey yall, I am back with another weekly update.

This weigh-in is a bit different. I didn’t get to weigh myself soon as I woke up. I left Myrtle Beach, shared a breakfast combo with Natlie, and had three cups of water and coffee. Soon as I came in, I weighed myself, and this is my weight for the week!

As you know, I am a woman, and once a month, we have a little friend named Aunt Flo who likes to show up… well, she showed up yesterday! She likes to bring some water weight when she comes, but that’s ok!

I also have another confession: while I was on a mini family vacation/birthday trip, I didn’t keep my phone on me but exercised. I also have no weekly photos to share… I apologize, literally came in from the trip.

I couldn’t keep my phone on me all the time!

I still wanted to make yall proud of me, so I kept up with at least 10,000 steps for one day. See, I wanted to have proof!!

Weekly Summary

Monday and Tuesday, I ate fruits and veggies. I knew the trip was coming and was excited.

Wednesday РSaturday Vacation 

  • cheesesteak hoagie
  • chef salad
  • grapes
  • Calabash Seafood – I ate a lot of crab legs and mussels and had a BIG chef salad. I had lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, onions, cheese, ham, eggs, cauliflower, potato salad, cucumbers, and black olives, with ranch dressing and croutons!
  • Chocolate Cake

Just because I went on a vacation, I still tried to remember this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, and I have to try and still eat within reason. It’s essential to count calories and to make sure I get in plenty of water.

I also made sure I stayed active. I walked to the beach, went swimming, and used the stairs instead of the elevator. Every step you take counts toward your goal. I constantly tell myself that, and my kidneys thank me!

Next Weeks Goal
  • I want to lose at least 2 lbs
  • I want to increase my planks to 45 seconds a day.
  • I want to walk at least 10000 steps (4 days)
  • No steps less than 7000

Ok yall, I have to get myself together for the week. I’m still coming down from vacation mode. As always, Big Hugs and Warm Smiles.


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