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Week 9: Trials of the Creatinine

Hey yall, it is another week, and I have some news. Can we take a walk and enjoy each other’s company first?

Let’s get jiggy with it!!!

I hope you have enjoyed our exercises so far! I am really proud of coming so far with my weight loss journey. I am really learning a lot about myself and how my body works.

Somedays are harder than others, today is a good day. I have to come to terms with a lot, and it’s a process, but I feel in order to reach my goals I have to be honest so that when I look back, I can see where I may have steered wrong.

The doctor’s appointment

If yall remember, I had labs on Wednesday for blood work. Well… Friday I got a call, my creatinine levels are rising. My kidneys aren’t doing so well right now.

The Situation

I have to be honest, I think my high-intensity workouts are a bit much. My kidneys can’t take it, and right now, I must ease up on my workouts. I apologize for not being able to follow through as I should with my workouts; my body likes to act funny.

Here are my weekly steps:

I know it isn’t as good as before.
the verdict

My mama always said, never to put all your eggs in one basket, and there is more than one way to skin a cat.

The fight isn’t over. We just have to change our game plan. I am still going to exercise, but I will reduce my workouts to 7500 steps 4 – 5 days a week. For the other two days, I want to incorporate sit-ups. That way, I can still use my energy and get a nice little workout without using too many muscles.

I will be on a 1200 – 1500 calorie diet to help continue my weight loss.

I will increase my fruits and veggies to help me eat more, but not so many calories. You have to be careful about the fruits and veggies you eat. Did you know some have some high calories?

I am still on a gallon of water daily, but I want to increase my water intake to help rid my body of creatinine. Just bear with me, I am trying but somehow my body is having a temper tantrum like:

Yall, I have to go, but as always, Big Hugs and Warmest Smiles.


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