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Leaking Roofs, Birthdays, and Venting

Hey yall, it’s been a lot going on. Lately, it seems always to be a lot going on. I need life to ease up a little because the wave I’m on keeps crashing, and I need a breather.

I brought the bar because you will need a  drink listening to me.

I need to VENT, and then I want to CELEBRATE. I don’t know how to start this off, I don’t know how to explain, so I’m just going to talk.

Leaking Roof and Ceiling

The last time I blogged was about a week ago, and I told yall that Hurricane Ian was coming and I needed to get everything situated in case we were to get hit.

Well, I’m in North Carolina, and lately, we haven’t been getting a lot of rain. Hurricane Ian decided to drop off gusty winds and heavy rains, and out of nowhere, the ceiling in our bedroom started leaking. It was a slow but steady drop.. drop… drop.  We called Michael and Son, a great company, and they went into the attic.

After a little investigating, it was a hole in the roof caused by our solar panel installation. Yeap!!! Instead of the nail hitting the wood, it went sideways into the roof. It has collected so much water that the ceiling in our bedroom is soft. I had to spray this Flex Seal stuff to close up the hole.

I had to spray the Flex Seal over that hole. See how the board is coming down and the water is going to the ceiling fan.

We called the solar panel company, and it took a week to get a work order. Yesterday, I finally got ahold of someone who transferred me to someone else, and I finally got my work order. They were happy I didn’t curse them out and was patient. I told the woman helping me I don’t operate like that. I know she doesn’t own the company; she works for it. I know I’m not the only customer, and I appreciate the effort to resolve the issue. She laughed so hard and told me she would have someone out this Thursday.

The water has started creeping across the ceiling, settling into the creases of the ceiling boards. Its water stains on the ceiling.
Doctor’s Appointment (VENTING)

So I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday as well. It didn’t go so well. The doctor and I got into a heated discussion that turned into an argument. Yeah, it got pretty bad.

So… I needed help with my weight loss and decided to go to a weight loss center. I didn’t tell yall about the weight loss doctor because I was ashamed to tell anyone I was having issues losing weight. I get tired of telling yall my kidneys causes problems, and I just didn’t want to be judged. People judge you for everything nowadays…

Anywho, I got to the doctor and was happy with life in general. Soon as we started talking, I informed her about my stomach bug and how I had been vomiting for two weeks. She cuts me off and says did you take the medicine I prescribed? I said, “Yes!” She tells me that that doesn’t make sense to her to take medicine if I’m vomiting and should have gone to the hospital.

Sidenote: During those two weeks of having the stomach bug, I called my kidney doctor and informed her of my vomiting and my symptoms. The reason is that I also was having WITHDRAWAL symptoms from the Amlodipine. They told me due to my suppressed immune system, DO NOT go to the hospital unless I couldn’t hold down any fluids at all. The risk of catching Covid is higher, and I need to remember that. I was also informed to continue with all my medications.

I TRIED to continue with my statement and wanted to tell her about the stomach bug, being taken off my medicine, and withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to talk about the side effects of the medicine I was on, and I TRIED to tell her about what my kidney doctor had told me.  She repeatedly kept interrupting me. All she kept saying was how crazy it was to vomit for two weeks and not go to the hospital. I told her if she let me TALK, I was not going to the hospital when I take medicine to suppress my immune system. She said to wear a mask. She was putting words into my mouth and started talking AT ME.

That long fuse I have got shortened expeditiously from her criticism. I told her I would be a DAMN FOOL to go to a hospital sitting for hours knowing I don’t have an immune system. I would be crazy to sit in a waiting room for 8-16 hours, knowing I could barely hold my head up, just for them to give me fluids. I can drink water at home for free. She told me that life is about chances, which would be a chance I have to take. I told her MY life isn’t based on chances but on choices!

We started going at it.

Natlie got involved in the argument, and we resolved it as we ain’t going to no hospital unless it is extremely severe. I never told her what my kidney doctor said. I never told her about my newest achievement; she wasn’t going to listen anyway.

In the end, we hugged it out, but I won’t be going back. Not because of the argument but because the medicine I was on was discontinued, and I can’t take any other medicine due to my kidneys.

Kidney 365 program

When I first started blogging, I told yall I would take you on my personal journey with me dealing with this kidney issue.


Yesterday soon as I came in from the doctor,  I FINALLY got the call. When one door closes, another will open. They accepted me into the Kidney 365 program. I wasn’t able to be accepted at first, but over the course of a year, something must have changed. I was able to be part of this amazing program now.

I’m going to get a big packet in the mail, but I gotta tell you all the good stuff in store for me.

  • A kidney-friendly diet and dietician (YAAAAAYYY) She will help with my hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism since both play a major part in my stage 3 kidney failure.
  • renal specialist and nurse to go over my labs and help me understand what those numbers mean
  • medication drop off
  • meal drop off
  • if I get sick again, a nurse will be assigned to me for at-home care.
  • I get medical equipment
  • patient drop off
  • if I go to dialysis, I will have a support person
  • they will go over the medications I take and see how they work with my kidneys and find an alternate medication that won’t be so harmful

I know I’m not telling you everything, but these are some of the perks I get. No, I don’t need all of those things, but it is helpful to know if I ever get sick again, my family won’t have to worry.

Mackenzie’s Birthday

On October 8, Mackenzie turned 9 years old. This year I tried to have a party, but everywhere I wanted to take her, you must have at least 10 kids. Well, that wasn’t going to work. I talked to her teacher last Monday and told her not to tell Mackenzie, but I will bring cupcakes and gift bags to school on Friday.

When Friday came, soon as we got to the school, Mackenzie’s class was literally walking by the school door. Yeap… she saw us. It was ok, though. She was so surprised and kept hugging Natlie, Madison, and me.

Saturday, I pretended I didn’t have anything going on and told Mackenzie we all were going to the mall. I told her I needed to take Madison to a new art store to get some new resins. We pulled up to Frankies Fun Park. She squealed so loud in the car.

Phatty soon as she got out of the car, she was jumping and screaming, but I caught the tail end of the excitement.

It’s been so long since I got on a ride or went to a fun park; I believe I had a better time than Phatty.

When you enter the doors, look at how big this place is. Look at all the games, bowling alleys, and lounge. This place is so massive.

This is the outside park where the rides and go-carts are located.

Natlie and Phatty had to do a quick race to get their motors running. Phatty kept her eyes closed the entire time until they parked. Hollering, “I DID GOOD!”

This is a video of Natlie and me on this upside-down fast ride. Listen to me trying to recruit people to get on the ride. Yall, I thought I was about to lose my ponytail. I told everybody on the sidelines to catch it if it fell off. I am not ashamed! I paid $12.00 for that ponytail!

This is a virtual reality (VR) game that people were playing. These are NOT my kids, and I was fascinated by how you play the game. They weren’t running, as I see in the Tik Tok videos.

Natlie and Phatty rode the swings so many times. Look at them.

We did a little Putt-Putt golf. Yall that hoodie I had on had me sweating. I thought I had one of my heat intolerances coming on! Smh..  look at the scenery. It is so nice!

Ok yall, I had to tell you what’s been going on and to bring some birthday fun your way. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but we had pepperoni pizza and slushies. Aye, one day, we should meet up at a fun park and be kids again. It will be fun, and it will be a much-needed adventure.

As always, sending Big Hugs and Warms Smiles


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