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I Need A Minute.. Hour…Day… Riding The Wave

Disclaimer: Cursing and Realism

Today is the day that broke the camel’s back. I am in this void of WTF. I am trying to be optimistic and keep my head above water, but I can’t take the pressure of everything.

Yall… my daughter’s close friend tried to commit suicide last night. I’m trying to be strong, but this hit harder than a sledgehammer to a brain. I am a survivor of depression; at one point, I used to be a cutter. It’s the damn truth… it took me a long time to be happy with myself.

Well.. what do you do when your wife suffers from anxiety and at one point she wanted to die. I get stalked on social media by a narcissist to have to expose all the bad things done to me. Then you get through that hump to deal with a hateful ass neighbor who preys on your happiness. Then when I get over that damn hurdle, your daughter’s close friend tries to take his life because he is just over everything. Mind you, this is all in a month in half, excluding my stalker… he will always be around.

In all honesty, right now, I need to take a break from reality and just let go. I don’t have my mind on a recipe, a household hack, I don’t give a fuck about a home remedy. IT IS THE DAMN TRUTH.

I need a vacation, four shots of tequila, black-out curtains, and a sign:


I wish I could be like other people and say, “I’m Fine,” but that’s a damn lie, and I’m not going to pretend I am; I’m not doing good.

I have to go and just ride this fucked up wave called life, but I’m so damn tired of riding these waves I don’t know what to do. I need a MF break… damn!!!

Big Hugs but the smiles are dim!


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